Traveling on a Budget

20 Useful Tips and Tools When Traveling on a Budget

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20 Useful Tips and Tools When Traveling on a Budget

There are 4 major expenses to consider when it comes to Traveling on a Budget: Transportation, Accommodations, Food, and Activities. When looking for a budget-friendly vacation here are some of the best Tips and Tools to save tons on travel expenses. These 20 Tips and Tools will help Save Tons on Travel Expenses, especially while Traveling on a Budget!

1. When choosing a place to go look for advertised deals like or use a discount site like

2. The more flexible with travel dates or destinations the better deals you’ll be able to find visit: or

3. Consider traveling to your destination offseason. Prices will be higher during peak travel times and holiday weekends.

Traveling on a Budget

4. If you decide to do a road trip you can always save on gas by renting a hybrid vehicle. Another way to improve gas efficiency is by checking for proper tire inflation and have a tune-up before taking off. is a website that will help you save on gas by finding where the closest and cheapest gas stations are to you.

5. Skip the large airline and hotel expense by going camping. Many people are choosing vacations that include a community style campground that is full of planned activities. If this sounds like something you might want to try out, there is an option to rent an RV at

6. You can find flash sales at last minute sites. To get every room sold they’ll lower rates at resorts and on cruise ships. and as another way to save tons on travel expenses

7. If traveling with a family food could be the largest expense. Save by staying in an all-inclusive resort or on a cruise ship. Even the pickiest will be able to find something that they like on those large all-inclusive buffets.

8. When purchasing airline tickets you’ll find prices will be lower on Wednesdays. If you have to fly on a weekend, Saturdays will usually be less costly.

9. Look for restaurant discounts and deals by using or both have Apps available for easy access while traveling.

Traveling on a Budget

10. Save on food expense by cooking homemade meals instead of eating out. Book a hotel room with a kitchenette. If your room has a fridge and a microwave you can bring an electric skillet or mini grill and you’ll be set to save tons on travel expenses.

11. If you’re like me and enjoy offbeat tourist attractions you will find odd ones listed in USA and Canada on this site allows you to find and research unique places that interest you. Then allows you to map out the road trip to see them.

12. There is also an available iPhone app that you can download to make any trip more interesting and fun.

13. When looking to save on lodging and accommodations choose smaller hotels instead of large chains. There are many other ways to save depending on where you might be comfortable staying.

14. is a way to connect with a host family.

15. to me is one of the coolest things I ever heard of! This site will connect with people that are looking for a live-in house sitter or pet sitter. Short term and long term for free accommodations. How fantastic is that!

How to get Cheap flights

16. If you want to be more social you can find a budget-friendly environment that has shared and dormitory-style space. Locations like this are becoming very popular and can be found on a website such as This can be a way to save tons on travel expenses. Don’t assume every hostel is created equal because they are not. Just like any lodging, some can be low budget. You can find 5-star Hostels on as well as the App.

17. Looking for travel inspiration? Go to ideas. They have a free trip planner that you can use as well.

18. When looking for tours and entertainment do a web search for the city or town that you are visiting. It’s a good place to find a city guide with a list of free and low price things to do in the local area.

19. National Parks and Historical landmarks are spots that you can find a lot of free and low priced activities as a way to save tons on travel expenses.

20. I saved my all-time favorite addiction for last. I can always find some exceptional deals on my Hitlist App. They will send you notifications when a good deal pops up just enter the destination that you’re interested in going to.

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Traveling on a Budget

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