Top US Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants

Top US Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants

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Top US Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants

This is for all of the Plant-based Foodies.  Whether you live the life of a Vegan, a Vegetarian or like me I try to eat healthily and love my veggies anyway that I can get them.  I broke the US down into 7 individual regions and searched for the top Vegan & Vegetarian restaurants.  One thing that I did see is just like any restaurant they all have their own unique style about them.  Some are relaxed, some are fine dining.  I’d say it’s time for a road trip.

Please leave a comment if you get a chance to try any of these favorites, tell us what you think.

Top US Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants

Top Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants

North East Region:

Burlington, Vermont:  “Revolution Kitchen”: This is a vegetarian restaurant that is vegan-friendly.  They use local organic and natural ingredients so the food is fresh and healthy. Dishes are Asian inspired. The menu will change daily and seasonally to match the availability of fresh vegetables.  You’re going to pay a little more for a meal here.  You can have a very nice sit-down dinner.  If you want something tasty made from scratch using fresh organic ingredients all served up with a beautiful presentation, I’d recommend a reservation.

Ithaca, New York: “Moosewood”: Nice comfy vegetarian restaurant.  This is a perfect place in this college town.  Offers outside seating.  Has a creative menu.  Uses local farm grown sources.  Also provides a selection of the local brews and wines.  Moosewood has proudly won meat-free menu awards and has been a vegetarian staple of Ithaca for many years.  There is a small gift shop where you can find many novelty items including the “Moose Cook Books” that so many people rave about.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: “Vedge”:  Ok first off reservations recommended.  Taking the children isn’t. It’s more on the line of fine dining.  The menu is small plates with 3 courses.  The concept is to order 3 or 4 plates per person and then share so that you can try many different flavors.  If you’re looking for something vegan or something a little different you’ll LOVE, LOVE the way they do things here.  When it comes to taste and presentation, the food is exquisite! They can offer a gluten free menu and a nice wine list if that is what you’re looking for.

Top Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants

South East Region:

Virginia Beach, Virginia: “Fruitive”:  This place takes your health seriously.  Their motto is “Live your health”.  They are the first certified organic fast casual restaurant in North America.  They partner with local organic farmers that care about the purity of their soil.  Everything on the menu is made from scratch.  Always 100% plant-based and 100% organic.  The food is fantastic, everything has a lot of love put into it.  Yes, the prices are a tad high but if they were lower they would be like everyone else, then they wouldn’t be able to offer fresh organic food.

Asheville, North Carolina: “Plant”:  A fully vegan restaurant with a tasty menu!  Food is colorful with tons of flavor.  The menu is constantly changing for those that like to frequent this establishment.  Even the non-vegan eaters enjoy the food.  Plant Vegan has been called fresh, unique and innovative.  It’s a small dining venue but is rated as one of the top vegan restaurants in America.

Miami, Florida: “Plant” Has a healthy, entirely vegan plant-based menu.  Inside and an outside seating oasis.  Food is served mostly raw and is known for its brilliant taste and presentation.  Plant Miami has a sophisticated atmosphere. Highly recommended for special occasions.  Has a fabulous cocktail menu.  This place is first-rate and has upscale prices to go with it. Must try at least once.

Vegan and Vegetarian restaurants

Top Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants

Mid-West Region:

St Paul, Minnesota: “J. Shelby’s”: People rave about the food served here.  They say it’s even highly recommended as a place that you can bring your omnivore friends.  Known to freshen up the menu.  Described as “An interesting restaurant that keeps up with the trends”.  Has a good selection of beer, cider & wine.  Certain times tend to be crowded and loud.  Can run into long, fast-moving cafeteria-style lines. May run short on seating but people tend to excuse that due to all of the delicious vegan options.

Chicago, Illinois: “Ground Control”: Open for dinner during the week, brunch on the weekend and closed on Monday.  Offers a fresh array of made from scratch vegetarian dishes, none of that plastic food that you’ll find in most restaurants.  Has a casual atmosphere.  It’s Chicago so very busy. You’ll need to arrive early with time and patience.

Omaha, Nebraska: “Modern Love”: Some say “Best food in Omaha”, some say “Best food in the Mid-West”.  The owner is an author to many vegan cookbooks.  Some consider Isa Moskowitz as “The leading Vegan Chef” so you know that this place is perfectly named.  The white tablecloths, white plates, and food presentation give Modern Love an upscale ambiance yet it’s not stuffy. The restaurant is small and popular so reservations come highly recommended.

Top Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants

Rocky Mountain Region:

Las Vegas, Nevada: “Veggie House”: Cool place if you can find it. Located off of the strip.  Rated very high in Vegas.  First glance it looks like a regular Chinese restaurant but au contraire. The chicken, beef, duck or other protein are all made from either soy, vegetable or starch!  Friendly, fast service with decent prices for some delicious food.  If you want to get away from the crowds on the strip or in the casinos this place comes highly recommended for vegan and omnivores alike.

Salt Lake City, Utah: “Buds”:  Everybody loves Salt Lake City’s 100% plant-based…window.  That’s right everything is to go.  Order delicious sandwiches, salads or sides at the window then pick up at the next window.  This is a quick lunch spot with a couple of picnic tables under shade trees.  They’re able to keep lower pricing forgoing the expense of a larger eat-in restaurant.  They even have a self serve water station if you get too hot while waiting (service is quick).  The sandwiches are genius! Many meat lovers can’t believe that they are eating a vegan meat substitute.  They do not skimp when it comes to filling the buns with fresh cut vegetable and flavorful sauce and pesto.

Boulder, Colorado: “Julia’s Kitchen”:  Serves breakfast and lunch.  First, look this place doesn’t appear to be that special.  It has a peaceful eccentric atmosphere. Very Vegan only serves sprouted grains and legumes.  Always uses fresh organic vegetables.  Meals are flavorful. This restaurant provides a unique experience, in the end very memorable.

Vegan and Vegetarian restaurants

Top Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants

South West Region:

Austin, Texas: “Boaldin Creek Café”:  Searing southern style comfort food but using healthy ingredients!   This is a vegetarian/vegan restaurant with something that will hit the spot for everyone on the menu.  Everything is made from scratch with each order.  If your favorite meal of the day is breakfast I’d say this place is perfect for you.  You are able to order breakfast all day long.  Due to the good quality delicious food and reasonable prices, Boaldin Creek Café is very popular for visitors and locals alike.  This is a popular spot, don’t be surprised if you have to wait a bit to be seated.  They do serve alcohol but I’m loving the artsy vibe and all of the flavors of iced drinks that they offer.

Santa Fe, New Mexico: “Edible Alchemy”: All vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free.  Uses healthy organic products all served with environmentally friendly containers and utensils.  Love this place.  Try the gluten free almond crust pizza or heavenly ice cream.  You’ll find a friendly, colorful, quirky atmosphere.  1 negative: The hours open are limited. Check the hours open before you go.

Phoenix, Arizona: “Vegan House”: This small café is located in downtown Phoenix, close to the hotels and within walking distance of the convention center.  The menu is mostly Thai.  Curry is made fresh daily and other dishes are available.  They have vegan shrimp, chicken & fish.  No alcohol.

Top Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants

Pacific Region:

Seattle, Washington: “Plum Bistro”:  Vegan, organic and gluten-free. They have you covered here.  They have an extensive diverse menu. The food is creative, delicious and looks amazing.  A fun upscale Bristo in a hip neighborhood.  On days with good weather, the large garage-style doors open up.  The location is small and can get quite busy. I do recommend making reservations if you’re planning on stopping in on a Friday / Saturday night.  Bruch is available on weekends.  Happy hour Sunday-Thursday.  There are a lot of layers to Plum Bistro. They offer event catering to multiple course dinners, wedding cakes, and full ar services.

Portland, Oregon: “Home Grown Smoker”: Vegan comfort food? This place is amazing. Vegan BarBQ, they have imitation cheesesteaks, ribs, buffalo wings and chicken.  That being said, everything is yummy and looks authentic almost to the level that you think you’re being tricked.  There are gluten-free options available.  You’ll find there is a lot of love put into this place.  What was once a food cart is now a casual seat yourself restaurant with lots of indoor seating and sidewalk tables.

Berkley, California: ”Chez Panisse” Restaurant and Café, featured in Culinary Adventures.  The owner Alice Waters is responsible for the rise of California cuisine and is famous for its organic, locally grown ingredients.  Chez Panisse offers a French, American, Vegetarian menu and provides a very special fine dining experience.

Vegan and Vegetarian restaurants

Top Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants

Hawaii & Alaska Regions:

Anchorage, Alaska: “Midway Café”: Organic and locally sourced foods.  There are lots of menu options form Vegan to Carnivore.  Enjoy an avocado melt with vegan cheese, veggie bowls, vegan desserts are available.  Interestingly decorated with art displayed on the walls from local artists.

Honokoa, Hawaii: “Sea Dandelion and Awa Bar”: If you’re looking for a small café with that calm and casual Hawaiian feel to it this is for you.  Has a small health conscientious menu.  Has a wide variety of specialty drinks from unique smoothies, shakes, and coffees.  Even has an Awa (Kava) bar.  They support the local growers.  The best part is all of their Kava is fresh from the local Big Island and The beautiful Molokai Island. The Kava is known to be more sweet and tasty. Cash only.

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Vegan and Vegetarian restaurants

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