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Kali here, your authentic travel blogger.

Here to give you inspiration and keep you informed with ways to save time and money in the world of Travel!  I’ve been to 20 different countries, a lot of repeating to some of my favorite spots but I love to travel to new places every chance I get.

Along the way, I’ve been successful at finding many helpful tips to deals that has made it possible for me to afford more travel experiences at some awesome destinations.

You could say traveling is my passion obsessed and I get to continue my obsession through paying it forward, plus I love to share a good travel deal.

 I discovered a long time ago the more travel deals I can find, the more life-changing, unforgettable-travel  I can do! I’m here to help you find the best places and the best deals. An  unforgettable time shouldn’t mean paying your vacation off for the rest of your life. 🤑

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Goals For Kali's Travel Guide:

  • 1) Help make Travel fun and affordable by sharing my fail-proof resources

  • 2) Ease painful hours of travel planning with sharing itineraries

  • 3) Ignite a lifetime of love for Travel in everyone by sharing inspirational travel ideas & tips

about Kali

A Touch of  Kali's  Travel Background

At a young impressionable age, I was lucky enough to have traveled the east coast and other parts of the central and southern US with my grandparents. This sparked my love of travel.

As an adult, I extended my travel throughout the west coast and other parts of the US and have now been able to experience 20 other countries near and far.


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Kali's Personal Favorites

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