Vacation Spots in Mexico

3 Most Beautiful Vacation Spots in Mexico

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Most Beautiful Vacation Spots in Mexico

There is no wonder why people like Mexico so much. The tourist industry in this country is all concentrated around the beautiful beaches, the natural sceneries, and the exotic vibes.

The perfect white sand, the blue water, can be almost like popping out from some Pinterest pictures is mesmerizing.

The Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean make Mexico a destination to always crave for.

Moreover, the towns also gained a lot of popularity as well, so tourists can do a lot of sightseeing when visiting around the country of Mexico.

Today you will find everything you need to know about the most popular vacation spots in Mexico, with that powdery sand and crystal clear water. Read more for the full reviews, and about the reasons why you should visit Mexico at least once in a lifetime

Why Should You Visit Mexico

When it comes to vacation spots in Mexico, you might think people will only talk about the sandy beaches and the perfect aquatic landscapes. But there is so much more to do here.

Once being on a Mexican Island, you will enjoy the cuisine, the beautiful culture, the unique animals you will encounter, as well as the friendly community.

Here are the top motivations to visit Mexico, when you need a vacation:

Amazing Cuisine

Due to the access to the ocean, Mexico has fantastic cuisine. The delicious food will make you fall in love with this place. Don’t forget to try the delicious tacos and tortas. Actually, the culinary landscape varies from north to south. However, the dishes remain as delicious as you heard.

What you need to know is the variety of meals here, so you will never be too short of options. Try carne asada in the north of Mexico, the fresh seafood right on the Pacific Coast, and last but not least, the Mayan delicacies which stand in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Traditional, Joyful Music

Wherever you go in Mexico, the music scene is absolutely charming. Even if you will see lots of clubs in Mexico with international mainstream music, well, in the best vacation spots in the country, you will hear traditional music.

From the popular mariachi groups to other bands that will sing out banda, live music in Mexico is very varied. You should take your time to have a nice dinner while listening to the traditional Mexican songs.

You Got To Love Friendly Mexican People

One of the best things about Mexico is the people. They are friendly, happy to have you, very warm and inviting. Whenever you feel lost or you might have a problem during your stay, people will be ready to give you help.

You might need some directions or would like some secret street food advice, they’re willing make a recommendation. You don’t even have to speak Spanish. In fact, as you will realize Mexicans will do their best to give you the information you need.

So don’t listen to the mocking voices talking about “bad hombre”.

Get to Know Some Unique Animals

When it comes to biodiversity, Mexico is a heaven on earth. Although it is hard to compare Mexico with Costa Rica, however, there are some truly unique animals to see here.

If you enjoy being in the middle of nature, it means you will love the forests and jungles of Mexico, as well as the waters, which are home to a diversity of animals. If you are lucky enough, you will get to see the native Mexican cacomistle or an axolotl.


It’s impossible to go to Mexico without drinking some traditional tequila. This worldwide famous drink has a home here, and it tastes better when you are in Mexico. There are lots of brands here that produce Tequila, it depends on the area you are visiting.

From Desert to Jungle

We have already mentioned the variety of wildlife in Mexico. However, it is worth remembering the diversity of wildlife all across the country. Usually, deserts will dominate in the northern states, while western Mexico is the perfect spot for eternal spring.

Mexican Culture

Mexican culture is a bliss. It has lots of influences, from indigenous to Spanish culture. As such, we find Mexico really fascinating. If you want to learn more about the indigenous community, you should go to Oaxaca or in the mountains of Jalisco.

Divine Beaches

Needless to say, Mexico Beaches are among the top ones in the world. If you are looking for the best vacation spots in Mexico, don’t miss the beaches.

It is clear that most of the visitors are coming here to spend time on the smooth white sand, rather than visiting the colonial town or the cities.

Now that we are here, we need to mention the most fantastic beaches and relaxing places here: Isla Aguada in Campeche, Playa Balandra in La Paz, and Bacalar.

By scrolling through the article, you will find all the information you need about these beautiful vacation spots in Mexico.

Top 3 Vacation Spots in Mexico

#1) Most Beautiful Vacation Spot in Mexico

Vacation Spots in Mexico

Isla Aguada in Campeche

One of the best vacation spots in Mexico is Isla Aguada. This mesmerizing place is located between Ciudad del Carmen and Sabancuy. When you think about tropical, dreamy beaches, then you should come here.

Isla Aguada offers to the visitors’ miles and miles of ideal unspoiled beaches. Take your time to enjoy the sea, lay under the sun, without being disturbed by street vendors, as you might find in another more touristic place.

Some Basics about Aguada Island

Let’s give you some orientation, shall we? You can find Isla de Aguada right in the state of Campeche, which is on the southeastern part of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

If you are looking for a more detailed direction, well, Isla de Aguada is northeast of Isla Carmen, somewhere between the Gulf of Mexico and Términos Lagoon. If you are planning to go by car, then drive southwest from Campeche city, and go along all the coast.

TIP: You will drive somewhere around 100 miles or 160 kilometers. Two hours will be enough to reach this magical place.

A Small Fishing Port

Before reaching this place, let’s talk about some basic facts regarding it. So, Aguada Island is actually a small fishing port that hosts only 5000 inhabitants. This authentic place is all surrounded by the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and Terminos Lagoon.

Coming to Aguada Island means to find a true picturesque place, where you will feel like you are at home. The small port has a gas station, school, but also lodges, and hotels from where you will have a beautiful view of the sea.

If you want to experiment with the local atmosphere, have a walk on the main street of the small jetty port. This area of Aguada Island is about 4 km long, and it has a nice playground, as well as a dock for boats.

From here you can admire the fishermen or just walk along the Laguna de Terminos. If you are lucky enough, you can see the dolphins swimming in their own natural habitat.

Best Places to Snap Photos

Going on vacation means lots of beautiful pictures from the favorite touristic places. While crossing the tiny streets, you will get to see a tiny church, as well as some very old houses that still encapsulate the architecture of the port.

Moreover, you should know that Isla de Aguada has lots of charming lighthouses, as well as a rich fishing tradition. You should not miss taking some photos of the tall white tower, a symbol of the Isla de Aguada Lighthouse.

This place has a long history and has been there for more than 100 years. Do not hesitate to walk around to visit the various exhibits that can be seen in the lighthouse’s museum.

Learn more about the regional subaquatic archaeology, and get to know all about the fishing weapons used through the last centuries.

Best Views on the Island

Spotting the perfect sunset it’s not impossible, once you know where to go on the island. Take your time and climb to the viewing platform, from where you can have a beautiful panorama of the Términos Lagoon.

Needless to say that the best time to enjoy this view is at sunset. As soon as you get here, please notice the modern lighthouse, as well as the old one that stands right in the back of it.

Don’t forget to dine at one of the restaurants here and enjoy a delicious seafood specialty. Still not enough with the view? Then continue your walk along the coastal boardwalk if you want to have great views of the water.

Trips to the Dolphins

Maybe one of the most fascinating things about Aguada Island is having the chance to see the dolphins. If you want to experience this, you just need to embark on a boat trip that will take you from the Isla de Aguada to Isla de Pájaros.

And if you are lucky enough, you will get to spot the dolphins. Also, you can gaze up the frigate birds, herons, and the beautiful gulls. This place feels similar to that of a sanctuary.

Once you attend one of the tours, you will have the chance to cross the dense, tropical habitat and enjoy Mexico’s unique wildlife.

The Best Time to Come

The most popular period of time when tourists come to Isla Aguada in Campeche is from April through July.

Best Cozy Places to Treat Yourself

Once reaching this place, it’s a pity not to enjoy the food as well. As such, we need to recommend you two of our favorite restaurants on the island:

  • ¡Ay Caray! Restaurant. This beautiful place offers some of the best dishes in the region. You can try the fresh seafood of the day. Come with your partner or your family and have the best dining experience.
  • Cabañas Ah Caray! Is the second restaurant we want to bring attention to. The place is unique and has three comfortable cabins where you can stay with your family. You get double beds, bathrooms, and also hot water.

TIP: There are no banks and ATMs on Isla Aguada, so make sure you have cash.

#2) Most Beautiful Vacation Spot in Mexico

Vacation Spots in Mexico

Playa Balandra in La Paz

Known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the country, Playa Balandra is a must to visit.

Geographical Facts

Playa Balandra stretches all along the Gulf of California. It is only 30 minutes from the city La Paz, in the north of this point. Getting here is easy, so if you are already making plans, and go to Cabo San Lucas, you will have to make around 2.5 hours each way till Playa Balandra.

Reaching This Place

However, the easiest way to reach this place is by renting your own car. This way, you can explore multiple places in Baja California. You can enjoy the best prices for renting a car from Los Cabos Airport.

To help stay on budget, please make sure to check the prices first, before arriving. Moreover, you should also note that you will have to purchase some third-party liability insurance,this policy is everywhere in Mexico.

Crystal-Clear Turquoise Waters

If you are still not convinced about coming on a vacation here, well, maybe this description will change your mind. Imagine the turquoise waters, melting in the white sand dunes. This idyllic image matches the reality of Balandra Beach.

Shot to the desert backdrop of red-hued hills, while admiring, maybe for the first time, the unique cardón cactus. All these little details make Baja California feel like a unique remote, deserted beach.

This is a scenery you will rarely be able to see, although the location is only 30 minutes away from the city of La Paz.

Perfect Swimming Paradise

Do you enjoy swimming and snorkeling? The calm, shallow waters of the lagoon are the perfect spot for easy swimming. Take a SUP boarding or rent a kayak to enjoy the “silent” waters.

You should also know that the salty lagoon is protected by the ocean waves, so it’s very rare to encounter any high waves. Once the low tide, you will see this sand bar that forms right in the middle of the bay. Amazing, huh?

The turquoise waters are not the only attraction of this Playa. Just take your time to explore the inner edge of Balandra Beach, where you will meet a mangrove forest.

The image of this place is enchanting, due to the brightly colored fish you will see all across the roots of the old trees. If you can get closer to the tree line, maybe come here on a SUP board, you will be able to spot many colorful blue crabs to triggerfish or herons.

Stingrays, an attraction of the lagoon

If you want to have an authentic image of this beautiful vacation spot in Mexico, get up on the stand-up paddleboard and explore stingrays. They just love the warm shallow waters here in Playa Balandra, and they will usually hide on the bottom of the sea, covered by sand.

As funny as it might sound, when walking in the water, make sure you first shuffle it. Otherwise, you might squash a stingray under your feet.

Enjoy the View from Above

If you are coming here by car, there is this secret hill from where you can have the best view. From here, visitors can enjoy a panorama over the whole bay. Now, as a tip, just follow with your sight the rocky trail, so you can observe the Balandra Beach right from above.

If you take your time to look out to the edge of the bay, you will be able to see El Hongo. What is it? Well, follow its shape. Doesn’t it look like a mushroom? Also called the mushroom-rock, this is a very popular image for tourists coming to La Paz.

TIP: Balandra Beach is a Natural Protected area, so there are no restaurants here. This is quite nice because you will enjoy the quietness of the place. However, you should have some sandwiches and beverages with you.

#3) Most Beautiful Vacation Spot in Mexico

Vacation Spots in Mexico

Bacalar in, Quintana Roo

Here we are, at the very last but not least top vacation spot in Mexico from our perspective. Laguna Bacalar is bliss, so keep on reading to find more.

Getting to know Bacalar

Mexican locals are primarily managing this place, the lakeside village of Bacalar. If you are looking for a quiet place to spend your vacation, come to the lakeside village of Bacalar. You will not meet any crowded traffic, hard noises, and the usual high-rise resorts that you would normally see at Riviera Maya. The vibe here is unique and different.

Laze Around The Lake

There are lots of opportunities once you get close to the lake. You can camp, swim, kayak, or just enjoy the time lazing around this magical place. It is impossible not to fall in love with the view of the shimmering palette of blues and greens. The scenery looks like a picture straight out of photoshop, we swear.

The Rustic Charm of Laguna Bacalar

Coming here does not mean only laying under the sun, but also visiting the village of Laguna Bacalar. This place has such an authentic charm, and it is a really small village, so you will have all the time in the world to explore it.

The town square is all surrounded by family-owned businesses. Meet the locals, talk to them, and spend some time finding the secrets of this place.

Best Activities to do in Bacalar

There are certainly great things to do in Bacalar. If you want to explore how life is in Bacalar, then you should definitely interact with the lifestyle here and with all the community who is living around the lakeside.

You can practice fishing, swimming, and boating. These are the main relaxing activities we suggest you try.

Being so close to Belize means you should visit it. Now, the border area is easy enough to cross, and you will meet lots of Belizean citizens who are coming to Mexico for shopping. Belize is the perfect place for sightseeing and the typical travel in this area.

Don’t forget to visit Ambergris Caye once being in Belize. To reach this place, you need to go to Chetumal, where you will catch a ferry that will take you to this tropical paradise.

TIPS: If you travel to Belize**Important note, however beautiful, this place is also known for the pickpockets. As such, make sure you take care of your valuables once you are here.

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Last Thoughts about The Best Vacation Spots in Mexico

Hope you will visit at least one of these three best vacation spots in Mexico. From the idyllic beaches to the smooth waters and beautiful subaquatic scenery, you can turn your vacation in Mexico into a treasure come true.

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