Honeymoon in Tulum

Tips for Planning a Honeymoon in Tulum, Mexico

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Tips for Planning a Honeymoon in Tulum, Mexico

When it comes to planning the honeymoon, the most romantic trip ever, there are lots of things to keep in mind. No wonder why sometimes you might feel the pressure to make it almost perfect.

You’ve already passed through the stress of the wedding, so planning the honeymoon should be fun and relaxing.

A honeymoon in Tulum is the perfect chance to relax and rejuvenate after all those months of organizing your wedding. Tulum is a place where you can have a trip of a lifetime, where you will be relaxed, spoiled, tanned, and mostly in love.

Exploring Tulum, in the Yucatan Peninsula is the sweetest escape you can ever have. You can feel the tropical jungle vibes while being spoiled at a wonderful hotel.

In order to make your stay to remember, here are some tips about a honeymoon in Tulum: the costs, best couple activities, best Instagram spots, as well as many other tips and tricks to help you.

Honeymoon in Tulum

What makes Tulum an Irresistible Spot for a Honeymoon?

We can easily consider Tulum the jewel of Mexico’s Riviera Maya. The beaches are bliss, and the surroundings are making this place look and feel like paradise.

The lovely beaches are situated right on the coastline of the Caribbean Sea, so you can imagine the idyllic landscape here. Once talking about a laid-back beach destination, it is crystal clear why Tulum has become the perfect place for the sweetest escapes.

Honeymoon in Tulum means not only lying under the sun but lots of hot spots for yoga treats, boutique shopping, luxurious dining, even fun nightlife.

Another major highlight of this place is the town’s wonderfully preserved ruins of an ancient Mayan city. Considering all these, there is no wonder why so many in love couples choose to spend their unique honeymoon here.

Practical Facts about Tulum


Tulum is situated on the Caribbean coastline of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. As such, Tulum sits in the Riviera Maya district. During the last years, the town became more and more high-end, and wealthier tourists started coming here. This means more beautiful hotels, elegant dining places, as well as nicely organized beaches.


As you can imagine, the most common language spoken here is Spanish. All the locals speak Spanish, while the staff in the tourism industry will talk to you in English relatively well.


During your vacation, you will use Mexican Peso for paying in Tulum.

Paying By Card and Banks:

Mostly all the hotels and upper market restaurants will accept Mastercard and Visa payments. However, we will recommend you to always have some cash with you.

Some restaurants will also accept US dollars, and so will some shops. Yet, you will basically pay in pesos, as the locals can make the money conversion. As such, try to take advantage of the local ATMs.


When it comes to the safety of your honeymoon in Tulum, don’t worry. Tulum is extremely safe, but like any other very touristic destination, you should never leave your belongings unwatched.

You can walk during the night safely, however, be sure to choose only the crowded streets.

There is no wonder why Tulum is such a great destination. The average temperature throughout the year is about 80 °F (30°C). The rainiest season starts in June and ends in October. The busiest time of year is between December and April.

How much does a Tulum Honeymoon cost?

This is a tricky question, as the costs will be directly proportional to what you are looking for. The budget of a honeymoon in Tulum can reach the average cost of $50- $60 per day. These costs will be adjusted to your own travel style.

To this amount of money you should add the cost of your flight here, the average cost per night for the accommodation, as well as the transportation fee on the island.

Now, because Tulum is a quite touristic destination, we would recommend you to book lodging in advance, as you will get better prices.

The costs we gave you are pure orientation, but you should do research and see what you are looking for. It is always good to have an orientation budget until you reach any destinations.

Top Picks for Couple Activities around Riviera Maya

Having a honeymoon in Tulum does not mean only walking on the beach, laying under the sun, and doing lots of photos all day long. You can have lots of fun while being here and make some unforgettable memories.

Here are our favorite activities to do in Tulum:


If you are looking for new adventures, you should visit the Coba Ruins. This place is located about 40 minutes from Tulum. This is one of the best attractions on the island, a great alternative to the Tulum Ruins and Chichen Itza.

This area is magical, as there are lots of trees at Coba, where you can have lots of nice pictures. Explore the ruins by bike and enjoy the view to make an even more unique trip. You can also climb on the top of Coba, a great hike that you cannot do at Tulum or Chichen Itza.

Visit Tulum Ruins

This attraction is as special and it is right on the water. You can reach this place by bike, right from Tulum. The views over the ruins are spectacular, as you are right up to the edge of the ocean.


One of the most fantastic results of nature in this area is the many cenotes. Very close to Tulum, you can see them often on your trip. Spend some days by swimming in these breathtaking underground pools.

Rio Secreto

Rio Secreto is located only about 30 mins from Tulum, in Playa Del Carmen. This attraction is a network of underground caves that stretches for miles. For reaching them, we recommend you consider taking a canoe.

Swim with the sea turtles at Akumal

Tulum is very popular for sea turtles in this area. Almost any time of the year you come here, you can see these beautiful creatures at Akumal.

Sian Ka’an Muyil River Float

Are you looking for a full day of fun? Then don’t miss the river float down the Sian Ka’an Muyil River. The best way to enjoy this activity is by taking a quick boat ride out to the Mayan canal.

Once you arrive here, hop on a tube and simply let the current carry you out to the Caribbean.

Best Romantic Instagram Spots for Couples

When you are on your honeymoon in Tulum, you should make the best memories of it. Once you will take the best photos you can also show your friends how magical this place is. As such, let’s travel through the best Romantic Instagram Spots in Tulum:

  • Tulum Ruinas, Carretera Boca Paila

What about taking a picture with the most infamous crooked palm tree? You just need to cross the white sands of Hotel El Paraiso Beach Club and reach this hot spot for Instagrammers. We would recommend you come early in the morning here, so you will be just the two of you in the picture.

  • Pablo Escobar Mansion

Do we need to say more? Also known as Casa Malca, the Mansion of Pablo Escobar is tucked away in the Mayan Jungle.

You will be impressed by the lots of contemporary art pieces around the building, as well as the rooms in the villa which look like the chandelier room. Take your time to explore the scenic views of this place and go down in the history of drug cartels.

  • Azulik Tulum

The best picture in this tropical place is the ones that capture the jungle vibes. What about having an Instagram photo in a real-life treehouse? Stay in one of the hammock nets and have a beautiful view into the Mayan Jungle, or lay on the wooden bridge right above the treetops.

  • Kin Toh

Walk up in the jungle dream, right at the Kin Toh restaurant. This beautiful place will welcome you with tea candles, and the perfect ambiance for dining to remember. If you want to catch the golden hour, come at the sunset hours and drink a nice cold glass of champagne.

  • Nômade Tulum

This restaurant is one of the most Instagram friendly in Tulum. The colorful bohemian stylish interior will make you feel like in a dream. The Moroccan-inspired rugs, the colorful pillow cushions, and the whole atmosphere will help you snap some cool pictures.

  • Matcha Mama

Have some fun pictures of your honeymoon and play on the wooden swings. The Matcha Mama is a small, popular place where you can have some smoothies, a quick snack, and take the best Instagram photos. Keep in mind that there are only 6 swings available, so we would recommend you to go early in the morning, to catch the best spot here.

  • Coco Tulum

If you have an Instagram feed with light colors and a clean style, you have to go to Coco Tulum. Here are the best swings on the beach bar, where you can shoot some awesome pictures.

  • Papaya Playa Project

Papaya Playa Project looks like the perfect set for Instagram pictures. The dreamy decor is bliss, and the private rooftop pool decks look like waiting for you. If you are looking for some natural pops of color, this beach club will make you fall in love.

You can also have some fun here during the night by showing your perfect moves at their Full Moon party.

Best Restaurants with Romantic Ambiance

Having a romantic dinner during the honeymoon in Tulum is a must. Here are the best restaurants with romantic ambiance:


This restaurant is a really special one, so there is no wonder why it was mentioned also by the New York Times. People are lining up to enter this hotspot of Tulum, so make sure you go at a not so crowded hour.

Everything here is cooked using solar energy, so this restaurant does its best to take care of nature. Definitely a place to go.


If you are looking for a very intimate place, Arca is for you. Celebrate your honeymoon in Tulum with the delicious food here and the craft cocktails always on point.

Casa Banana

This place with a funny name is located right on the jungle side, so the view will be spectacular. Here you can enjoy an Argentinian-style meal, and also a local-like barbecue.


Looking for a romantic place to dine on your honeymoon in Tulum? Try Cenzontle, a nice restaurant in a cute garden setting. The atmosphere is romantic, and the staff is very kind and friendly.


Want to try a five-star dining experience? Go to Unico, located in Mi Amor Hotel, the ideal restaurant for a romantic dinner. Hope you will enjoy the night live music, as well as the food specialties, such as tuna tostadas, grilled octopus, or the salt-baked fish.

Best Honeymoon Hotels in Tulum

Azulik Hotel

This hotel is absolutely amazing. Few words to introduce you: 48 villas, no electric light, no A/C, no television, but only beautiful nature all around. Azulik Hotel is in pure harmony with the Mayan Jungle, a place where you can connect with the magical surroundings.

Azulik Hotel is right in the heart of the Mayan Jungle, a blissful experience to have at least once in Tulum.

Nest Tulum

How romantic does it sound staying on a beachfront villa? Originally built in 1996, Villa Nest was firstly a private family beach. You will see the beautiful attention to detail, the perfect mixtures between nature and local craftsmen.

Nest Tulum is for sure a magical place, an authentic experience, and also a really intimate place to spend your honeymoon in Tulum.

Mi Amor Tulum

Mi Amor is one of the modern chic boutique hotels on the island. It has only 14 suites and a nice private plunge pool. The perfect mix of the modern and intimate ambiance makes Mi Amor hotel great accommodation to spend your romantic trip.

Don’t forget to explore the onsite restaurant, where Chef Sernatinger will cook you some local specialties. Taste the colorful cocktails, the complimentary champagne, or the local craft beers.

Encantada Tulum

This hotel offers you the best getaway in Tulum and with dreamy beachside relaxation. Although a small boutique resort, meaning only eight rooms, here you will have a fantastic ocean view. The service is great as well and will make your stay even better.

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Honeymoon in Tulum

Last Thoughts

There is no wonder why Tulum is such a romantic getaway for the couples spending their honeymoon. Exotic, romantic, tropical, with breathtaking views, Tulum is a destination you will always remember.

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