Things to do in Barcelona

33 FUN Things to do in Barcelona [Spain]

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33 FUN Things to do in Barcelona, Spain

There are plenty of things to do in Barcelona. Whether it’s your first visit to Barcelona or you come here often, I want to share the top 33 most ideal places.

Barcelona, Spain is one of the most popular cities in the world for tourists.  I find this major tourist hub to be clean and inviting. Barcelona has a little bit of something for everyone old and young, singles and family and then some. It’s a city full of history and culture, beaches and nightlife. If shopping is your thing, there is plenty of that around.  Barcelona is located on the Mediterranean Sea with 1.6 million people that live there, slightly more than Philadelphia.  One of the most populated cities in Europe but you’d never know it.  It doesn’t have that crowded feeling, everything runs smoothly and it’s very easy to get around.

When you visit Barcelona, Spain the most perfect place to start a city exploring is at Placa Catalunya, it’s a huge square located in the center of the city.  There you’ll find tourist kiosks with helpful information. The information bureau is nearby.  It’s in close proximity to most of the main tourist attractions and the airport bus does make stops here. It has beautiful fountains, statues, cafes, and entertainment. You’ll find it’s convenient to cabs, hotels, restaurants.

Things to do in Barcelona

FUN Things to do in Barcelona, Spain


___Barcelona Citadel  Zoo is open all year has 400 different species from around the world. Besides the 4,000 wild animals, the zoo also offers restaurants, pony rides, electric cars, and a mini railway

___Tibidabo: Is a vintage theme park on Tibidabo Hill.  It’s located on the highest point in the whole city and is the oldest amusement park in Spain. The best-recommended way to get there is to take the Funicular Mountain train

___Port Aventura is a huge amusement theme park. It has Europe’s biggest roller coaster. It’s located about 1 hour south of Barcelona

___Barcelona Beach

___Port Vell a world-class marina full of yachts and cruise ships is a very active day and night. A Perfect place to take harbor tours. Full of shopping, entertainers, restaurants, walkways, and views. A place to make some beautiful photos.

___Bogatell Beach: known for its beauty and safety

___Barcelona Bosc Urba is a climbing park with more than 50 activities including a zip line, nets, rope swing, and bungees.

___Barcelona  Aquarium_ One of the largest aquariums in Europe with lots of fun for all ages. It has a 6 million liter (1,585,032 Gallons) tank with 11,000 marine animals.  It houses hundreds of species from all over the world. A great place to take pictures

___Park Guell: Named a  Heritage site by UNESCO. A very popular site. It’s a good Idea to purchase tickets in advance.  A great place for pictures with a view. The park has 2 sections, 1 part is free and the central part has a fee for anyone over 6 yrs old.

___Camp Nou is Barcelona’s famous football stadium.  It opened in 1957 with 90,000 seats, is home to FC Barcelona, one of the few European soccer teams to achieve 3 major cups all in the year of 2009 (Kings Cup, Spanish League, European Champions League)and The Catalan Nation Team. It’s the largest stadium in Europe and considered “The Mecca” for football fans all over the world.  Reconstruction of a new football stadium is set to start in 2018 and last until 2022. It will then have 105,000 seats, much more comfortable interior a new administrative building and an underground garage with 5,000 parking spots.

___ Camp Nou  Stadium FC Barcelona Museum tour includes a visit to the players changing room and tunnel

___Olympic Stadium: This Stadium first opened May 20, 1929, to hold the 1936 Olympic Games but due to the political situation going on at the time that did not happen.  Eventually, the stadium was remodeled for The Olympics that took place from July 26, 1992, through August 21, 1992.  Now it’s used as a tourist attraction and to hold other events including sports, musical concerts, and other activities.

Don Quijote de la Mancha (famous  Cervantes character) Passeig del born where men were knighted

FUN Things to do in Barcelona, Spain

Art and Culture Museums

___Maritime Museum: focused on Naval History

___Picasso Museum: Located in The Palau Aguilar. Picasso himself donated some of the work

___National Museum of Catalan Art

___Barcelona History Museum: House is in the Gothic Palace. The timeline begins with the first settlement which is even before the Romans in 15BC.  contains some archaeological pieces dating back to The Roman era. You’ll also see artifacts from the old Jewish district, Roman Temples and The Spanish Civil War

Things to do in Barcelona

___Palaudela Virreina: Houses temporary art exhibits & cultural events

___Palau de la Musica Catalana: Concert Hall

___Museum Diocese: Antoni Gaudi Exhibition Center

__Chocolate Museum

___Centre d’ Art Santa Monica: located on Rambla Street. Contemporary Art Exhibition.

___Joan Miro Foundation.

___The Barbier-Mueller Museum of Pre Columbian Art:  Exhibiting Inca, Maya, and Aztec art objects.

___Pueblo Espanol: A walk through an open-air museum. Full-scale replications of 117 traditional style buildings to walk through.  These buildings represent 15 different communities of Spain.  This exhibit was planned and pulled together by 4 professionals that visited 600,00 sites in Spain to collect the main characteristics of the people and their communities, there are streets, squares, facades, and hosts many events such as festivals, concerts,  private activities, and children workshops. You can enjoy Flamenco dancing try Spanish wine, local Sangria, and Tapas.  You’ll find within Pueblo Espanol a private Spanish artist collection with work from Pablo Picasso, Salvadore Dali and many more.

___Museum de l’Erotica” You can guess by the name, definitely geared to adults. It’s said to be a bit raunchy. It talks and displays the history of sex.

FUN Things to do in Barcelona, Spain

Historical Monuments and Landmarks

__The Christopher Columbus Monument stands at the south end of The La Rambla.  The statue has Christopher Columbus pointing towards the new world.  The monument was constructed in time for the 1888 World Fair as a reminder that after Christopher Columbus 1st trip to The Americas he reported back to Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand V in Barcelona

Things to do in Barcelona

___The Arc de Triumph: This landmark was constructed as an entry gate for the 1888 World Fair to welcome visitors to Spain’s first World Fair. The Arc de Triumph is located right outside the beautiful Ciutadella Park in Barcelona.  At the top of the arch architect Joseph Vilaseca I Casanovas, placed the images of 49 shields over the coat of arms of the city of Barcelona to represent the Spanish provinces.  Other designs on the arch show industry, traditional craftwork, and business.  You can also see stone Bats to symbolize the independence of Catalonia.

__Rafael Casanova Monument: located on the Rond da Sant Pere. He was a Catalan Leader that defended Barcelona during the Spanish War of Succession.  The statue is honored on a couple of days each year by the Catalonians leaving flowers.


___Count Ramon Berenguer III Monument:  referred to as “The Great Count of Barcelona”.  He was also named Count of

Provence in The Holy Roman Empire. His statue is located at Placa Ramon Berenguer el Gran along the Via Laietana.  The Count became a popular figure with the church and was a member of The Knights of Templar.

___The Placa Ramon Berenguer el Gran: Located on Via Laietana in an old European-esque neighborhood in the heart of Barcelona.  Has one of the longest sections of the historical Roman wall. In the 14th century, the Romans built a wall around the city of Barcino. Large sections of the Roman wall and towers can be seen throughout the Barri Gothic part of Barcelona.

How to get your free pamphlet***The city History Museum publishes a free pamphlet “Barcino, a Tour Through Roman Barcelona” that guides walkers through the most significant remaining sections of walls and towers…..

___Roman Barcino:  A Roman city once enclosed by a defense wall with 4 gates. These gates were built as a defense to tribes coming in from the north, amazingly enough, there are walls still being uncovered. This is where political, religious and business was held.

___Placa Nova: This was once the gate to the city. Right next to the Placa Nova, you can see an aqueduct that once carried water into the Roman city.

___Placa Villa de Madrid: open-air yet Located below street level. A section of ancient a Roman Road lined with stone Tombs.

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Things to do in Barcelona

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