Hotel Xcaret all inclusive

What’s included at Hotel Xcaret Mexico all Fun Inclusive Resort

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What Does Hotel Xcaret, Mexico All-Inclusive All-Fun Include?

If you want to have a genuine experience, no doubt, you should consider the Hotel Xcaret Mexico all-inclusive. This beautiful place is redefining the typical all-inclusive you have been accustomed to, up until now.

Planning a vacation in Mexico is a dream come true. Maybe you are already imagining yourself laying on the white sandy beaches and swimming in the perfect crystal water. But in order to make everything perfect, surely you should book accommodation that will give the best overall experience.

Hotel Xcaret all inclusive

An all-inclusive Hotel Xcaret vacation will be innovative for any couple or family, as it includes not only good food and drinks but also lots of fun experiences.

As such, you have lots of parks, tours, spa amenities, and many more experiences to try when you come to Hotel Xcaret Mexico in Cancun, Mayan Riviera. Keep scrolling down to find everything about this mesmerizing place.

What Makes Hotel Xcaret all inclusive the Best Choice for Your Vacation?

In terms of the all-inclusive concept, Hotel Xcaret Mexico has an innovative all-inclusive, I’d say the cutting-edge concept. Basically, a lot more Fun is included in the price. For those who are coming for interesting experiences, this one will satisfy their desire, while they stay at a luxurious hotel.

Hotel Xcaret is not only a relaxation place to be but a tribute to Mexico, a comfortable and luxurious resort that has everything you need. Moreover, the architecture itself is unique, following an eco-integrative style.

Hotel Xcaret all inclusive

*You will be surprised to find the perfect balance between ethics and aesthetics, as well as lots of Instagram-friendly places to shoot perfect photos.

Once staying here, you and your partners or family have full access to parks and tours, fun experiences, and activities to keep you busy. More than free foods and beverages, you get transportation between parks, and also from the airport.

The luxurious architecture goes hand in hand with the exterior environment, which beautifully integrates lots of green spaces and natural elements.

The all-inclusive Hotel Xcaret Vacation shows respect for nature and combines fun activities with relaxation, the best culinary experience, and cosmopolitan spirit. 

How far is Hotel Xcaret from the Airport?

If you are coming by plane, transportation from the airport to the hotel will take about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Once you fly to Mexico paradise, you will have a free shuttle, offered by the hotel.


What’s Included?

Hotel Xcaret Mexico is a more cosmopolitan resort, a different concept than any other all-inclusive hotel. As such, if you are coming to Riviera Maya and look for a place to stay that offers also full access to tours and parks, the all-inclusive Hotel Xcaret Vacation will be the one for you.

Here are the services that are included once you stay at Hotel Xcaret Mexico all-inclusive:

  • Luxurious Gastronomic Experience

Hotel Xcaret Mexico offers its visitors a great gastronomic experience with ten restaurants where you can have a pure Mexican food experience, as well as an Asian meal.

You have the unique opportunity to taste some of the signature dishes of Chef Carlos Gaytán, the very first Mexican chef that got a Michelin Star.

  • Tasty Drinks

Because every meal deserves a nice drink next to it, the hotel has eight bars where you can have all kinds of cocktails or some award-winning wines.

Not to mention the advice coming from the expert sommeliers, that will explain to you how to combine the wine with your foods.

  • Kayaking and Paddle Boarding

Xcaret Park in Mexico is located in a beautiful area with caves, and rivers, where you can have lots of fun activities. For instance, you can do kayaking, paddle boarding, and other water sports.

  • Full Access to Natural Parks

Hotel Xcaret Mexico has unlimited fun activities, and transportation, and access to lots of Group Xcaret parks: Xplor Fuego, Xplor, Xcaret, Xenses, Xavage, and so on. The tours you can enter are Xenotes, Xichen, Coba, and Tulum.

  • Free Transportation from Airport
  • Events organization

Hotel Xcaret Mexico is the ideal place to have a ceremony reception, a wedding like no other, or a baptism party. The rustic-chapel has a unique architecture, on a circular pyramid with a breathtaking view over the Mexican Caribbean.

Either of these activities you will choose, allow yourself to be pampered, and make most of the fun of this experience.

Things to do at Hotel Xcaret all inclusive Fun

While you enjoy the all-inclusive Hotel Xcaret Vacation, it is a pity not to take advantage of all the fun things you can do here. These are our top picks:

  1. Take your time to explore the property

The Hotel Xcaret property is a true park itself. You will feel like in a jungle, with lots of coves, winding rivers and other tropical surprises all around. Pick up a Map and go to the Catholic Church, discover the waterslides, or just have a long walk into the jungle paths.

  1. Explore the lagoons and rivers around the property

Do you enjoy exploring nature? If you want to have an authentic beach experience, then allow yourself some time to explore the lagoon and enjoy the beach hammocks. Unlike many other beaches, this side of the beach is semi-private, quiet, and a little rocky.

  1. Enjoy the advantages of your cool wristband

Once you will get the magical wristband, you have to take advantage of it. You can take free photos at the photo stations around the hotel, go to the spa, have a meal at the snack bar or at the local restaurants, and many more.

  1. The fun activities

Hotel Xcaret Mexico offers not only free foods, drinks, and access to the spa, but also lots of excursions in their 9 natural parks. Make sure you visit at least some of them.

  1. Have the tastiest meals in your life

In terms of gastronomy, you have lots of options. There are ten restaurants, eight bars to visit, as well as a full room service menu to enjoy while you are staying indoors. Enjoy the authentic flavor of the Mexican food, the beautiful, colorful plates, the beef tacos, and last but not least, the Mexican coffee.

Hotel Xcaret all inclusive

All-Inclusive Xcaret Fun Parks

Once you are coming to Hotel Xcaret and enjoy the Mexican Caribbean experience, enjoy the opportunity to visit the 9 natural parks in Cancun and Riviera Maya. Staying at Hotel Xcaret allows you to take some of the jungle trails and explore the underground worlds of the resort’s natural parks. Here is some short information about each of these parks:


Coming to XCARET PARK is one of the most incredible experiences in Mexico. This spectacular place combines gastronomy, with archaeology, nature, and traditions.

Coming to Xcaret means you can enjoy more than 50 incredible attractions, with underground rivers, a Coral Reef Aquarium, as well as an immersive aviary. Here you can also enjoy the Mexican cruise and find out more about the Mayan civilization.


Xel-Há is a versatile natural park, with lots of activities to do while visiting it. You can do snorkeling, relax, enjoy nature, the breathtaking scenery, or just taste delicious food. You can either walk or bike while attending the trails of the jungle.

If you are coming with your children, they can also do the zip-line activities, swim, or watch the subaquatic world.


If you are a fan of extreme adventures, go to XPLOR park. This exciting park is right in the lush Mayan jungle, as such, you can do lots of adventurous activities.

Do zip-lines, drive the amphibious vehicles, make some tours on the underground rivers, or just visit the stalactite caves. Before visiting this park, make sure you firstly make a reservation.


If you are a fan of adrenaline activities, or maybe of other relaxing experiences, you have both of these options once visiting HAVAGE Park. You can get entertained while kayak riding, drive the off-road vehicle, or just have some fun while speeding one of the jet boat rides.


This is the only nighttime park in Riviera Maya. Here you can feel the adrenaline of activity between the underground world and the jungle itself. Go and visit the “lava” rivers, drive the unique amphibious vehicles, or just fly on one of the highest zip-lines of the Riviera Maya.

At the end of your trip, allow yourself a gastronomic spoiling and drink fresh flavored water or eat some BBQ ribs.


Xenses Park is a sensorial experience, with two circuits to make: the aquatic one and the terrestrial circuit. Enjoy more than 50 fantastic illusory scenarios, during daytime and nighttime. You can cross the enigmatic Town too where you can test your balance and senses.

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Hotel Xcaret all inclusive

In a Nutshell…

Having an all-inclusive Hotel Xcaret Vacation is your opportunity to enjoy the Mexican experience in a relaxed, authentic, luxurious, and dreamy resort.

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