Americans Retiring in Mexico

Why are Americans Retiring in Mexico?

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Why are Americans Retiring in Mexico?

There is no secret anymore that there are over one million Americans who have moved to Mexico and are now living there. While it is kind of hard to check this number, well, it is not so hard to believe this fact.

Some of the Americans retiring in Mexico have moved here to work for the U.S., for  Mexican companies or many other foreign corporations. Others have moved here after retiring, or are just living in Mexico for part-time.

For instance, they come to Mexico during the winter months, when the weather is much warmer than in many parts of the U.S. and where the Cervezas are always perfectly cold.

But considering Mexico is a vast country, where is the best place to move from the U.S.? Of course, it much depends on what you are looking for. The possibilities are endless.

From small villages to live in, to popular fun towns, foreigners have lots of options when moving to Mexico. Alternatively, Why many Americans are retiring in Mexico.

Americans Retiring in Mexico,

Is Mexico a Good Place to Retire to?

Most Americans retiring in Mexico have moved here mostly because they wanted to enjoy their retirement years. Coming to and living in Mexico means enjoying the perfect weather full-time, with a much more relaxed lifestyle than in crowded cities of the U.S., as well as many other benefits we will talk about down below.

Living in Mexico means a more affordable lifestyle, better weather, a more relaxed lifestyle, low-cost health care, as well as a more tropical life, with lots of days under the sun.

Here are the top highlights of retiring in Mexico:

●       Lower cost of living

One of the main reasons why Americans are retiring to Mexico is the more affordable prices. As such, here having a fixed income is much easier to handle. Everything you need here, from food to rents, utilities, healthcare, and leisure activities, Mexico has them at lower costs. The prices are much more friendly than in the U.S., Europe or Canada.

Mexican real estate is also much more economical. Having a lovely property here is not only a dream but a affordable desire.

The best part is that you will find lots of types of real estate to choose, from a beautiful house on the beach, right in the Mayan Riviera, to a quiet mountain living place, in San Miguel de Allende. Needless to say, how dreamy it would be to live on the Pacific coast.

In a nutshell, investing in a property in Mexico is more affordable, so anyone can consider buying their real estate.

However, lower prices do not mean low-quality products or services. The amenities here are great, the food is fresh and delicious, and always shopping for fresh food in local Mexican markets is a joy.

Moreover, going out for groceries is the best way to integrate with locals too.

●       Safety is similar to the US, some areas more so than others.

Safety is something a lot of people worry about before going on vacation in Mexico, not to mention moving there for good.

What the media reports almost every day is information regarding violence, drug cartels, frauds, and so on. However, despite all these rumors, Mexico is still a favorite place for U.S. people who want to retire here.

Mexico is indeed a place where lots of crimes took place, and drug violence is not a taboo anymore. But police are doing their job correctly, and as long as you don’t live in disreputable neighborhoods, you will be safe. All very similar to that in the US.

Travelers and expats should not allow negative news to stop them from experiencing the colorful and fantastic culture of Mexico.

If there is any advice for Americans retiring to Mexico, well, they should always be aware of their surroundings, keep their valuables safe, and so on.

Also, before moving here, you should check the government’s travel advisory, which gives lots of up to date information about safety in the country.

●       Quality medical care costs much lower than in the US.

If you didn’t know already, well, the healthcare system in Mexico is way above the standards. This includes dentists, doctors, hospitals, and other medical services. Of course, the level of healthcare in Mexico is different from location to location.

As such, we would recommend you choose the bigger towns and cities, which have medical care systems superior to the rural, remote areas.

●       Lots of sunshine

One of the main highlights of Mexico, apart from the lifestyle point, is the weather in Mexico. The vibe is always warm and welcoming. Moreover, the locals themselves are one of a kind and have a stress-free living.

However, this won’t mean that retiring in Mexico will bring you a sedentary way of life. Of course, unless this is what you are looking for.

Moving to Mexico means a great climate and a luxurious outdoor lifestyle. Americans retiring to Mexico can choose from the warm and humid environment and locations to drier desert regions. The all-year-round spring temperatures are a bliss.

●       Beautiful Colonial Towns and Beach Living

Mexico is a great welcoming place for American expats. As such, one of the main reasons that U.S. citizens come here is for the sunny, pleasant coastal communities. All located much closer than the tropics, and also to the Mediterranean coast. Many beautiful Colonial style Towns come in all sizes are found to be very charming and chocked full of character.

If you want to feel more the local spirit, then you should check other cities with more traditional architecture. They are more than hot spots for retirement, but also beautiful colonial towns, where you can spend your days at the beach.

For instance, two of the most populated cities by American retirees are San Miguel de Allende and Puerto Vallarta. Other towns that are popular among American expats are Merida, Pueblo, Morelia, and the list goes on.

Yucatan Peninsula

How much money do you need to retire to Mexico?

Before retiring to Mexico, it’s essential to do some maths before. It is possible to retire in Mexico at around $800 a month. This money will be enough to live modestly, in a small apartment, and eating simple meals.

On the other hand, if you want to live exclusively, a month will go up to $10,000 a month. It sounds a lot, we know, but this amount of money is only for those who want to take full advantage of the most excellent opportunities here.

On average, most American retirees live with somewhere between $1,500 to $3,500 a month in Mexico.

Islands in Mexico to visit, Guadalupe Island

What are the best places to retire in Mexico

Here we are, at the most expected part of this article. First of all, it is essential to say that not only American people are attracted to living in Mexico, but also retiring people from Canada.

Mexico is a popular retiring destination for many reasons; most of them we have mentioned already. Now, let’s talk about several locations in Mexico which stand out and that are perfect for Americans retiring in Mexico:

  • Lake Chapala

This area has little towns all around, and the largest freshwater lake mainly represents it in the north of Mexico. Here is one of the country’s largest U.S. retirees communities, somewhere around 10,000 full-time expatriates from the U.S. and also Canada.

During the winter months, this number is often double. The towns along the lake are very comfortable for the ones who are moving to Mexico. The cobblestone streets, as well as the world’s best weather, make this place perfect contentment for American retirees.

From restaurants to beautiful gardens and bridge clubs, this area has all the comfort you would need.

  • San Miguel de Allende

We could not write this article without mentioning San Miguel de Allende. This town looks like drawn in a children’s fairytale book. It’s impossible not to fall in love with the cobbled streets, the lush courtyard gardens, and also the perfect climate.

Moreover, for Americans retiring in Mexico, living in San Miguel de Allende means affordable costs of living, as well as an already established expatriate community.

  • Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is not only a fishing village. This place has beautiful tropical mountains, world-class restaurants, as well as lovely people coming from all around the world. Puerto Vallarta has an international airport as well, making it one of the top tourist destinations among American expats.

Vallarta’s expat community is a vibrant one, with lots of activities to keep you busy. From fantastic art galleries to outdoor activities, you will never get bored here.

  • Mazatlan

Mazatlan is by far one of Mexico’s most famous holiday destinations for retiring people from America. Its reputation grew due to the world-class deep-sea fishing, as well as the 16 miles of beautiful beaches. The charm of this city stands in the exciting blend between a resort beach town and an affordable to live Mexican village.

  • Huatulco

Huatulco is a beautiful place to retire, as it is very green, spacious, and beautifully maintained. Although when you first come here, you feel this destination as a more resort one, well, the town is a quiet one, perfect for spending the retirement moments.

  • Merida

Merida is a more fun town, only half-hour from the Gulf-coast beaches. This city hosts universities, friendly locals, good hospitals, and well as a great commerce center. Moreover, expats coming here will feel comfortable to speak English, to dine at the familiar fast-food chains, or to do shopping at the malls.

  • The Riviera Maya

Stretching on the Caribbean coastline, the Riviera Maya is the home for the most beautiful beaches. How would it be to live next to the perfect sandy beaches and swim whenever you feel too?

This area is ideal for expats retiring in Mexico and includes several towns, such as Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos, Akumal, and Tulum.

  • Puerto Escondido

The name itself is so attractive, isn’t it? This is a small fishing village, with a top surf zone. The town looks like painted in a postcard, and it is colorful, small, and just a little crowded. Being a fish village, Puerto Escondido also has one of the cleanest and prettiest beaches you will find on this coast.

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Final words

I hope that the information you’ve read in this article was helpful and has opened your eyes to the possibility of giving you a warm and beautiful retirement period.

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