Lancaster Breweries

Guide to the Tastiest Lancaster Breweries

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Guide to the Tastiest Lancaster Breweries

If you come to Lancaster, PA, it’s a pity not to enjoy everything the city and its traditions have to offer. And the brewing scene is definitely one of them. As such, don’t forget to explore this area as much as you can.

Our guide is going to take you through some of the favorite locally crafted breweries in town. We made sure each of these places has the best references and they are companies with tradition.

It’s time for learning about the most popular breweries in Lancaster, so take this handy site guide and explore the tastiest beverages. Here is our list:

1. Bube’s Brewery

This is an old brewery complex, which dates since the 19th century. Here you will actually find a series of buildings, which altogether performed the most important functions of a brewery, in order to operate perfectly. 

You have to pass by, as Bube’s is one of the oldest American breweries that are still intact. Once you will go to Bube’s, you should know that Bube still operates as a microbrewery, and it is also a great place to get entertained. It is also the perfect dining place.

The very first time this brewery ever operated was in 1917, and nowadays, it is still functioning in the original ice house. Visitors are welcome to come by and enjoy the free tour from Monday through Friday, from 5 pm to 9 pm.

The guide of this tour is Alois Bube’s great grand-daughter, so you will get lots of insight information.

2. The Vineyard & Brewery at Hershey

This is a little piece of heaven, the heaven of wine, we must say. It’s hard not to be captivated by this place, and its artisan wines which are ready for tasting. The Vineyard at Hershey is the best place to enjoy a nice bottle of wine. Whether you will choose the bold whites or the flavorful reds, you have them all.

The Farmhouse has this tasting room, where you are invited for only $3. You don’t even need to make a reservation first to taste the best wines of this vineyard.

Moreover, if you have enough time for this visit, don’t hesitate to drink a glass of wine while wandering around the Vineyard. The scenery is breathtaking, and you can rent a precise number of rooms that are available for the VIP tours.

3. Lancaster Brewing Company

This is a historic, still working microbrewery, right in Lancaster. The options are varied, so you can choose from ten award-winning varieties of beers. Moreover, you have this award-winning restaurant, where you can try the absolutely delicious and unique meals.

We recommend you to try anything from the selected menu, as we enjoyed all the food we had here.

You can also make a reservation for the brewery tours, which happen every Saturday and Sunday at 3 pm.

4. Lancaster County Cider at Mount Hope Estate

One of the richest beverages to have during the hot days is apple cider. Imagine having a cold glass of cider, right in Lancaster County. The cider from County Cider tastes delicious, and the variety will satisfy all your preferences.

As such, you can have a dry, sweet, hard, or the traditional apple cider. The Lancaster County Cider keeps the old traditions, and it still offers some of the most creative ciders of the area.

5. Black Forest Brewery

This brewery is that kind of place you will surely not forget too soon. Here, you will have the chance to finally honor the magical nights while enjoying a nice glass of your favorite brewery under the sky full of stars.

The tasting room will offer the guests the chance to laugh, tell stories, and also enjoy the menu of this place. You will see, the beer names on the menu are correlated to the local history of Lancaster, as well as the owner’s favorite backpacking trail.

6. Spring House Brewing Company

The main location of this unique place is right downtown Lancaster, but there is also a perfect tasting room on Lancaster’s West King Street. Whichever you will choose, you will enjoy the best atmosphere and a very intimate place.

The beer menu is very diverse, as such, Spring House ensures you won’t go wrong with any of their beers. You can have some of their IPAs, or maybe you will want to try something special, such as the pumpkin beer. However, don’t miss this place, as you will have lots of fun here.

7. Moo-Duck Brewery

Maybe you are looking for a more local brewery to enjoy some drinks. The Moo-Duck Brewery is a neighborhood brewery that offers lots of types of beers. However, you should know that their Tasting Room is one of the tiniest in Lancaster, which means more intimacy. Don’t hesitate to try their delicious beers, as they typically have dozens of them on draft.

Now, for you to have a good orientation, you should know that you have somewhere around five flagship beers to choose from. If you are lucky enough and come at the right time of the year, you can experiment with some seasonal beers as well.

The experimental beers are something you cannot miss, as it is quite a unique experience among the Lancaster County breweries.

8. Wacker Brewing Company

The Wacker Brewing Company has its location in an old tobacco warehouse, right on the way out of Lancaster. This Brewing place was opened in 2015, but the name Wacker dates from the 1950s. Wacker was the name of a historic brewery in the city, which closed.

If you want to experiment with the rich tradition of German breweries, come to America. As odd as it may sound, the Wacker Brewing Company is keeping the traditional German styles of beer and their original flavors.

We would recommend this place to those who are enjoying the pilsners or IPAs and sours. As such, don’t forget to add this Brewing Location on your list.

9. Pig Iron Brewing

This funny named brewery is located in Marietta, which is right on the edge of Lancaster County, so you won’t have to drive so much to reach this beautiful place. If you are traveling along the Northwest Lancaster County River Trail, you should see the Pig Iron Brewery and also stop in for a visit.

Although it does not have the most interesting and old traditions, this is more a bar than a brewery. But its location is what makes it interesting, as it is right along the trail. As such, if you are thinking about making a stop while hiking or biking, you should pass by.

You will be able to enjoy the great selection of breweries, both small and large.

In a nutshell, if you prefer a simpler brewery, rather than a fancy one, the Pig Iron one is perfect for you.

10. Mad Chef Craft Brewing

Last but not least, the Mad Chef Craft Brewing is a place where you will always want to come back. Its location is right in East Petersburg, and it combines the perfect ambiance for both having a drink or just a nice meal next to a glass of wine or beer.

The ambiance is more than pleasant, and the serving as well. You have the chance to try some awarded beers, such as Mr, Dynamite Brown Ale, and many more. The portions of food are very generous, so consider splitting them with your friends or family.

Last Thoughts

We hope you will find this guide really useful and you will visit at least one of the best breweries in Lancaster we selected for today.

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Lancaster Breweries

Please leave a comment below. I’d love for you to share the name of your favorite brewery, even if it isn’t located in Lancaster County. 💜

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