Yellowstone Fun Facts

16 Fun Facts about Yellowstone, I bet you didn’t know

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Fun Facts Why Yellowstone Should be on the Top of your Bucket List

16 Fun Facts about Yellowstone

Listed here are some interesting and Fun Facts about Yellowstone National Park. You’ll soon know  why it should be on the top of everyones bucket list!

With all of Yellowstone’s amazing collection of different things to see and do, there isn’t any wonder why it has been named a Top Destination and given the title of…

Yellowstone Fun Facts

"The Best Place to Visit in the USA"

  • The 1st official National Park in the World
  • Is located in 3 States 96% Wyoming, 3% Montana and 1% Idaho, covering almost 3,500 sq. miles

  • Yellowstone is on the site of an active Super Volcano

  • Yellowstone averages around 1,000 to 2,000 earthquakes annually, sometimes more

  • 2018 brought over 4 million visitors to Yellowstone

  • That Yellowstone National Park has the largest collection of thermal water features on the planet? There are over 10,000 thermal features at any time.

  • Yellowstone is designated as a national park to preserve and protect those thermal features and the natural geothermal process

  • Mother Nature will make constant changes to the environment causing Yellowstone to look different with every visit. With those changes, the boardwalks will move and be adjusted to allow visitors to have the best and safest view

Yellowstone Fun Facts
    • 300 miles of paved roads

    • Yellowstone has 1000 miles of hiking trails

    • The Continental Divide runs through part of  Yellowstone

    • Yellowstone water flow will reach the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean

    • 60% of the worlds geysers and hot springs are located in Yellowstone including The most famous geyser “Old Faithful”

    • A UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its unique beauty and it’s natural features

    • Yellowstone has one of North Americas largest collections of different plant and animal species

    • The natural resources are a benefit in the medical and forensic fields

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Yellowstone Fun Facts

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