Great Smoky Mountain Waterfall Trails

Great Smoky Mountain Waterfalls in a Nutshell

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All About Great Smokey Mountain Waterfall Trails

Here’s what you need to Know about the Great Smoky Mountain Waterfall Trails:

Did you know that hiking has multiple benefits? Hiking has been shown to have both physical and mental benefits! Starting with the fresh air and low-stress levels that hiking brings. Hiking is also known for releasing “The happy hormones” so you’re going to enjoy it! That’s some good stuff but that’s not All About Great Smoky Mountain Waterfall Trails, to find out you’re going to have to continue reading on.

The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is the most visited National Park in the US and unlike most National Parks it’s free to get in?

Day Hiking is free. Some trails will close seasonally due to weather and road conditions. Check for the latest updates

Overnight stays in the Back County does require reservations and permits that can be acquired in advance at


Here’s Why the Great Smoky Mountain National Park WaterFall Trails Will Impress Your Friends:

Did you Know, there are more than 100 waterfalls and cascades in The Great Smoky Mountain National Park?

Did you know, the 800 Miles of maintained trails that range from easy to strenuous, something for all hiking levels in The Great Smoky Mountain National Park?

Trail Difficulty Levels:

Easy” Level: Hiking on obvious trails that are easy to follow and are well maintained, a short distance with minimal elevation

Moderate” Level: Hiking on some uneven surfaces, rocks, and ruts. Expect a moderate incline may have steeper sections. This level is intended for the intermediate hikers. The trails may be narrow at times.

“Strenuous” Level: Hiking includes more challenging uneven terrain. The trail is longer and steeper. Signage may be more difficult to follow.

6 Reasons Why People Are Talking About the Smoky Mountain National Park Waterfall Trails:

*1) You can find 21000 different living species that might cross your trail path in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Over 200 bird species, 50 native fish species, 66 types of mammals, 43 types amphibians, 39 types of reptiles, 67 types of fish and 17,000 types of insects. Be on the lookout for bears, deer, turkey, otters, salamanders, elk, coyote, trout…

*2) “Smoky Mountain National Park is the “Salamander Capital of the World” They can be very delicate so please don’t touch

*3) The Elkmont area of Great Smoky National Park is world famous for having the largest Synchronous Fireflies light show in the entire western hemisphere.

*4) You can see 100 species of native trees plus over 1400 different flowering plants and 4000 non-flowering plants.

*5) There are only 2 Trails in The Great Smoky Mountain National Park that allow dogs and that would be The Gatlinburg Trail on the Tennessee side of the Park and The Oconaluftee Trail on the North Carolina side of the Park. Both of these trails have “Easy” as far as their difficulty level.

*6) There are only 3 trails in The Great Smoky Mountain National Park that will allow bikes. They are the Gatlinburg Trail TN, Oconaluftee River Trail NC, Lower Deep Creek Trail NC, Keep in mind, Tennessee and North Carolina both require children age 16 & under to wear a helmet. There are other bike routes but no other trails that allow bikes and there aren’t any per se areas in the park for “Mountain Biking”

For the Best Experience Follow These Day Hiking Tips:

I believe most beginner hikers have an idea or make a goal of how far they plan to walk. They grab their hiking shoes along with a good pair of cushy socks, some water and off they go. Those items are always good but I recommend being better prepared. You will soon find out that not all trails are equal.

Wear hiking shoes and socks that are made of synthetic or blended material, cotton will hold in the moisture and promotes blisters. To be comfortable year-around you will want to layer your clothes. This will help with the fluctuating warm and cool temperatures remember it will be cooler in higher elevations

Your suggest packing list:

Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Water shoes, Snack or a Picnic Kit, Fresh Water or a Drink with Electrolytes, Camera, Bear Spray, and a Map / Compass

The trails weave all around, many connect to one another. In many cases when one ends the other one begins. Most trails will have signs posted to inform when another trail begins but you shouldn’t rely on that. The map will come in handy so you can know where you’re heading.

At best the cell service goes from spotty to none when you’re out on the trails away from everything so if you don’t have a hard copy trail map I suggest saving a copy on your phone in advance.

Useful Trail Etiquette:

  • Don’t leave food or garbage out unattended: This is for your own Safety, it’s a matter of common sense that this is what attracts Bears

  • Right of Way: It’s Horses, then Hikers, then Bikers

Important National Park Rules:

  • Do not climb on rocks near waterfalls. These rocks can be very slippery. If you pay attention to the news then you know that there are people who die every year because they choose to not follow this rule

  • Do not jump or dive into the water

  • Leave No Trace

I always say no matter what trail you choose you’ll be able to see views of mountains and waterfalls, smell scents of foliage and wildflowers and hear sounds of wildlife.

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Great Smoky National Park Waterfalls

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