Village of Intercource, Pennsylvania

#8 Top Attraction in Pennsylvania: Intercourse, PA

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#8 Top Attraction in Pennsylvania: Intercourse, PA

Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Pennsylvania: Intercourse Village, Lancaster, PA

Amish Village Intercourse, PA

When you say “Amish Community”, you say Intercourse, PA. As such, if you want to learn everything about the Amish culture and lifestyle, you should come and visit these lands.

Once joining in on the tours through the Amish countryside, you’ll have a true adventure. Not only the landscapes are breathtaking, but you’re able to choose some fun means of transportation.

Ask for the Amish buggies or the wagons to explore the Amish lands. However, if you do not like either of these options then you can hop aboard a tour bus and explore the Lancaster Countryside.

Interesting Facts About Amish People:

  • Kids don’t go to school after eighth grade, as they are not allowed to
  • Amish People have this obsession with slow-pitch softball
  • If you want to eat the best cinnamon rolls, Lancaster the best place
  • Amish can’t pose for pictures
  • They have a unique language
  • Amish practice “Old Christmas” in celebration of the Three Wise Men coming to Bethlehem to find baby Jesus

Fun Things to do in the Village of Intercourse:

  • Be brave and take in a play about the Amish
  • Watch the Amish activities, including Amish women canning jellies, home-made food, jams, and so on
  • Shop some delicious Amish specialties from the Kitchen Kettle Village
  • Enroll in the attraction of Bird-in-Hand and Paradise, as they are very close to you
  • Don’t forget to visit the unique stores and buy some original souvenirs for you and your family
  • Once you get hungry, stop for a break at the many restaurants in Intercourse. I highly recommend Shady Maple, it’s more like an experience than a buffet.
  • Schedule your adventure so you can stay, at least one night, in Intercourse. The atmosphere is so welcoming and cozy. If you’re looking for something unique, then book a night at the Red Caboose Motel to sleep in a Train Car. 312 Paradise Lane, Ronks, PA 17572

There are so many interesting and fun activities when visiting Intercourse. Take some time and enjoy the attractions out of town too, as they are not too far away.

Village of Intercourse, Intercourse, PA 17534

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