Yellowstone Family Vacation

Why Yellowstone is Voted Best Family Vacation

Yellowstone: North American's National Treasure

What makes a Yellowstone family vacation special? This national treasure was the first area of land in the world to be labeled as a “National Park”. 2018 brought over 4 million visitors to the park. That alone speaks volumes. You can read further to learn why Yellowstone is special to me and what makes it a good choice for your Family Vacation.

*TIP: Due to the summer crowds, the best time to visit Yellowstone is from April to May and between September and November

  • Yellowstone National Park was named #1 Destination spot for 2018.
  • It’s located in 3 states 96% Wyoming, 3% Montana, 1% Idaho.
  • Yellowstone’s land covers almost 3,500 square miles.
Yellowstone Family Vacation
  • There are 5 separate entrances into the park that lead to the 2 main loops inside of the park.
  • It has 300 miles of paved roads.
  • The maximum speed limit is 45 mph

Tip: Be on the alert, wildlife is famous for migrating on and crossing over roads day and night

A Yellowstone Family Vacation Has Amazing Wildlife

Yellowstone is a refuge for many wildlife. There are approx 700 Grizzly Bear, 500 Black Bear, 100 Wolves, Coyote, Mule Deer, 1,000’s of Bison among other species roaming freely here in their natural environment.

*TIP: It's not unusual to have a Bison traffic Jam

Yellowstone Family Vacation

Yellowstone is so large it has it's own unique Communities

Yellowstone covers over 2 million acres.

There are 8 communities located on the main road. Each community is unique in its own way. You’ll find places to stay like camping and hotels/Inns, places to eat like restaurants and stores, activities to do museums or boating/skiing/swimming and amphitheaters where rangers will give talks and give tours.

What makes a Yellowstone family vacation special?

Top 3 things Separates Yellowstone from any other National Park

 1) You can find approx 10, 000 hydrothermal features in the park at any one time. This includes Mud Pots, Geyers, Hots springs, and Fumaroles.

2) 60% of the Worlds Geysers and Hot springs are located in Yellowstone including the most famous of all “Old Faithful”.

3) Mother Nature will make constant changes to the environment causing Yellowstone to look different with every visit. With those changes, the boardwalks will be moved and adjusted to allow visitors to have the best and safest view of natural resources.

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Yellowstone Family Vacation

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