Best Starter Travel Credit Cards

Best Starter Travel Credit Cards, The [2021] Update

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When Choosing Your Best Travel Credit Card

 4 Top Cards to Compare:

What is most important when choosing your Starter Travel Credit Card? The answer to that question is going to be a little different for everyone and it does depend on your individual lifestyle. This is why I’m going to share my findings on the top 4 Best Travel Credit Cards choices.  I’m going to give you the tools and information needed to choose which will earn the most points/miles with your style of spending.

In the past, I’ve simply used a travel card tied to my choice of Airline or Cruise Ship and there isn’t anything wrong with that but then I started to feel trapped.  I realized that I could be getting more options with who and how I was able to redeem my points.

I had a good idea of what I wanted when I started looking for and comparing travel credit card.  I only had 2 criteria to meet my needs:

    • Earning Potential: I wanted the card that would allow me to earn the most points by aligning with my style of purchasing.

    • A $0.00 annual fee

During my looking and comparing journey, the $0.00 annual fee requirement changed. I quickly realized that going cheap wasn’t the best option. I needed to change my way of thinking to which card will give the best return on my investment.  A  $0.00 annual fee travel Credit Card can be like flying a single-engine Cessna vs a Jet. You’re going to get there…eventually. To receive best total value out of a Travel Credit Card you will want to redeem your points earned coupled with multiple loyalty partner memberships. Plus you’ll need to consider using one of these mid-tier cards.

With these starter travel credit cards, you can earn travel points on everyday purchases, then apply them towards tickets from multiple airlines and hotel stays that the card of your choice is partnered.

What makes a mid-tier Starter Travel Credit Card?

  • The mid-tier Starter Travel Credit Card has a low annual fee

  • The mid-tier Starter Travel Credit Card has lower spending requirements

  • The mid-tier Starter Travel Credit Card has more Perks when compared to the lower tier cards that are without an annual fee

  • The mid-tier Starter Travel Credit Card comes with a high sign-on bonus

Reasons to Get the Travel Credit Card:

  • One of the most appealing reasons to get a travel card is the very generous sign-on bonus offers. You will have to meet the minimum spending requirement within the first 3 months in order to reap the rewards.

  • If you like to travel you seriously need to start earning points and miles towards future travel instead of paying full price.

You can start with a mid-tier starter credit card to get your toes wet before completely diving in. If you know that you’ll be using the Travel Credit Card often, maybe consider stepping it up to the Premium level card. It does come with a higher annual fee but can come with perks to put towards that fee or towards fees for seat assignments, bag check fees, onboard meals.


These cards are the top 4 mid-tier Starter Travel Credit Cards. American Express Gold, Capital One Venture, Chase Sapphire Preferred, and the Citi Premier


If you have decent credit they are a good starting point. See who they are partnered with. Take note of what kind of spending you will be doing to get the most out of the card that you choose. For your convenience, I’m listing the benefits of these cards all in one location. I do recommend that you do go directly to their individual site to thoroughly reading the restrictions and all fine print that can be found through the page links that I’ve provided.

“The top travel credit cards let you earn rewards for each dollar you spend. However, you need to think long and hard about the type of points you’d like to earn before you sign up. With some travel credit cards, you earn points that are only good for a few redemption options, such as flights with one airline or stays with a specific hotel brand. Money’s list of the best travel credit cards can help you figure out which card might work best for your travel goals”

If you’re going to be spending money, why not be smart about it. Make your money work for you. Earn points towards travel but just like any other credit card, you have to pay it off every month. That is how you beat the credit card system.  The credit card company will be paying you, you won’t be paying them.

Disclaimer: Let me tell you a little about myself. I do not work for any of these companies that I’m about to recommend. I do consider myself a Travel Expert. Anything in this article is purely my unbiased opinion through research that I have found to be true. One single Travel Credit Card is not going to be a fit for everyone. Credit Card offers and Benefits are not ongoing. They are always subject to change or be discontinued for any reason and at any time and without notice.

Disclosure: Recommendations on this page are mine alone and have not been influenced or approved by others

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Best Starter Travel Credit Cards

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