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Most Popular Attractions in Hershey PA

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Top Attractions in Hershey PA

What to do in Hershey PA, Besides Hershey Park?

What to do in Hershey PA, besides the Park. No need to look any further, I have the answer for you right here.

Are you planning your next trip? Then why not consider Hershey? This is a small town, right in central Pennsylvania, somewhere at 15 miles east of Harrisburg, and 95 miles west of Philadelphia.

Moreover, if you stay in Washington or this is your reference point, then you should know that Hershey is only two hours-and-a-half away.

Hershey is a totally special place, as the faint scent of delicious chocolate is everywhere in the air. Moreover, the design of the streets is unique. As such, you will see some giant Hershey Kiss shaped street lamps.

Either you go with your partner or with your family and kids, Hershey, Pennsylvania is a wonderful destination to choose, with lots of activities to do. If you don’t want to spend lots of time researching on the internet, then start scrolling down, to learn more about 15 destinations for a perfect vacation in Hershey.

What to Visit in Hershey, PA other Than Hershey Park?

If you have already visited Hershey Park, don’t worry, there are lots of other activities to take. As such, the surrounding area should be on your wish list, as there are so many exciting things to do.

Experience sweet attractions, the beautiful venues, as well as some interesting museums. If you have kids, they will have some nice attractions where they can interact with animals chocolate factories and more. Ready to choose from the list below?

Attractions in Hershey PA, Hershey Trolly

1) Hershey Trolley Tour

The first attraction to consider is the Historical Trolley Tour. This is one of the emblematic tours, so you will do sightseeing, learn about the history of the area and the chocolate, which is a symbol of Hershey.

One of the most popular attractions in Hershey, PA, this trolley tour is led by some of the most entertaining conductors you could ever meet. Once enrolling in this tour, you will see lots of attractive sites, listen to their history, and last but not least, share some tasty chocolate.

The tour starts by exploring Hershey these days. Moving on, you will have a storyteller, who will talk about the history of the town, even before the chocolate factory changed the flow of the story.

The tour talks about the inspiring life of Milton Hershey as well, so you will have to get to see some of the buildings he has created too. The best part? You will have the chance to taste the chocolate that made him famous, yummy!

The tour ends with a spectacular view over the sweetest town on Earth, as you will go up to the Hershey Hill. This whole tour takes somewhere around 75 minutes, and it is organized by a tour company. The headquarters of this company is right on Park Boulevard.

As good information to know, you will start the tour from the trolley depot. The journey will end  right in the same place. All this 75 minutes tour comes with a guide, who will narrate everything about the Hershey history, then will offer you a chocolate yummy tasting tour.

The best part? These guides are more than entertaining.

2) Hershey Chocolate World Factory Tour

If you go with your kids on a holiday to Hershey, then this will be their favorite attraction. Adults will be happy too to feel the perfect smell of chocolate.

It’s your chance to go to the Hershey Chocolate World Factory, an immersive tour ride, where you can feel, see, participate, and smell the whole process of making the famous Hershey’s chocolate.

From choosing the perfect cocoa to the final chocolate bar, you will participate in each step. Plus, the best part, there will be lots of free samples for everyone right at the end of the tour.

Rarely there is this change of discovering all the things that happen in a chocolate factory, so this is a fun way to learn everything about the most loved dessert in the world. Embark in this journey, while savoring the delicious treats and Hershey-inspired drinks.

At the end of the trip, you can shop for special souvenirs and gifts, and also the delicious chocolate.

Attractions in Hershey PA, Butterfly Atrium

3) Hershey Gardens & Butterfly Atrium

Do you love butterflies? Are your kids eager to find more about these special fragile insects? Well, you have the chance to enjoy a full tour around the Butterfly Atrium. You will feel like you’re in a totally different world.

This spectacular experience is a must while visiting Hershey, as you will walk among hundreds of butterflies. The species are from all around the world, so you will feel like you’re in a totally tropical setting.

Moreover, you will see the colorful plants, as well as a calming water feature.

The Hershey Gardens & Butterfly Atrium is just one of the 25 indoor experiences in the country, so make sure you visit it. The kids will remain with a beautiful memory while seeing dozens of rare butterflies from Africa, Asia and South, and Central America.

4) Hershey Story Museum

The Hershey Story Museum is by far one of the most interactive museums you can find in the world. The journey in this museum follows the life path of Milton S. Hershey, with every little step he took to become one of the most notorious names in the world’s history.

This is a museum for everyone, and also a family-friendly one. As such, you will enjoy a variety of informative and interactive exhibits.

From different collections to displays and showcasing, you will have the opportunity to learn a lot about Hershey’s history, legacies, and lifestyle.

At the same time, the museum exhibits will explore Mr. Hershey’s failures as well, but also how he finally revolutionized the process of developing milk chocolate.

Moreover, once taking this tour, you will also have an insight into the great story of chocolate. The tastiest part and also the most exciting one is that you can make your own chocolate once entering the Chocolate Lab.

Kids will have lots of fun while playing with the samples of hot chocolate and truffles which come from all around the world. If your time is not limited, you can enroll the kids in the “I Spy” program, or the “scavenger hunt-style”, to learn more about the museum’s exhibits.

Attractions in Hershey PA, Hershey Antique Auto Club Museum

5) Antique Auto Club of America Museum

Those who are passionate about the history of motor vehicles, they should definitely go to the Antique Auto Club of America Museum. This journey will bring you lots of information about the ever-changing world of cars.

As such, once going to the Antique Auto Club Museum, you will explore more than 100 cars, all displayed based on each century. As such, you will see from the horseless motor vehicle to the muscle cars of the 70s and beyond. It’s impossible not to be surprised by the amazing automobiles you will see here.

Imagine there are eight decades of antique cars, memorabilia, and motorcycles which are all presented in some nicely themed exhibits.

If you want to find more, then go to the Museum of Bus Transportation as well, where you can start depicting all the evolution of public transit. There are nearly a dozen buses that are all displayed in this amazing exhibit.

There is also a huge collection of Tucker Automobiles, so you can safely sit behind the huge wheel of a Tucker vehicle. And this is not the end yet. There are also other highlights to see, such as the interactive assembly line exhibit, but also a model train display.

6) Building Under Glass

The Building Under Glass is a very special one, as it dates since the early 1700s. During this period, a great, great number of Scot-Irish people have left their homes right in northern Ireland to emigrate to the American Colonies. 

These people were very religious ones, as such, they brought lots of their spiritual beliefs and the love of liberty as well. This group of people settled right in the areas of the Building Under the Glass, or the Session House.

Finally, the Session House was sealed inside a glass outer house right in 1929, by, who do you think? The Chocolate millionaire M.S. Hershey himself. You will find this beautiful memorial on the west side of Derry Presbyterian Church.

7) Make a Hershey Candy Bar

Everyone has a specific type of favorite chocolate, don’t they? But what about creating your own favorite candy bar, using only the ingredients you love?

The Hershey Candy Bar is the place you can combine the flavors you want in order to create the perfect chocolate bar for you. Do this activity together with your family and kids.

Keep in mind that The Create Your Own Candy Bar is one of the most popular attractions at the Hershey’s Chocolate World. As such, the number of tickets is limited, so is space.

The maximum time to spend here is 45 minutes, enough to discover all the ingredients and start creating your own deserts. Don’t worry about your outfit, as you will first enter the welcome area when you will get some factory outfits, such as aprons and hairnets.

Attractions in Hershey PA, Hershey Zoo America

8) Zoo America

One of the best activities to do with your kids is exploring  Zoo America. This amazing place is located in the Park Avenue, and also called the North American Wildlife Park.

Imagine you can cross 11 acres of pathways, and see hundreds of types of plants, as well as over 200 animals. All the plants and animals are representative of the five regions in the North of America.

So, you will have the chance to see animals from regions such as Big Sky Country, Great Southwest, Eastern Woodlands, Southern Swamps, and so on.

If you are visiting the Zoo America with your children, then you should know that the park offers some educational programs, including some school field trips as well. These are the Boy Scout Tours, the Girl Scot Tours, the Zoo Camp program, and so on. Find out more about the park’s events, such as the “Animal Tales” or “Wild Winter Adventure”.

9) Indian Echo Caverns

Geological wonders have always been something you wanted to try? Then start making some magical memories by visiting the Indian Echo Cavern. One of the most visited places in the eastern United States, the Indian Echo Caverns will take you 45 minutes to visit.

You will learn lots of information about the caverns’ geology, shows of formations of the caverns, and the history of them. You receive a trained interpretive guide, which will explain to you everything you need to know.

If you are going with your kids, don’t worry, the tours are designed to suit all ages and to entertain both adults and children.

Indian Echo Caverns Echo Dell

10) Echo Dell Gem Mill Junction, Petting Zoo & Playground

Free to visit, the Echo Dell is the perfect place to do goat petting, even gem panning. There is so much to do while visiting the Echo Dell and the Indian Echo Caverns. You don’t pay a fee to enjoy the adorable farm animals, such as chickens, roosters, alpacas, turkey, pheasants, as so on.

You can get close to the animals, as they are trained and very friendly with the visitors. You can buy some treats for the animals, right from the coin-operated machines that are everywhere.

11) Adventure Sports Hershey

Visiting museums and memorials started to be a boring activity? Then you should start doing some outdoor activities, right in the Adventure Sports Hershey Park.

This park is located on Elizabethtown Road, and it offers bumper boats, batting cages, outdoor laser tags, miniature golf, and many more fun activities.

It occupies somewhere around 10 acres of rolling lands, where you can admire flowers, waterfalls, or have a small treat in the picnic pavilion. Here are some interesting activities to make:

  • Go-Karts

If you enjoy karting, then you should try the “Need for Speed” Go-Karts.

  • Miniature Golf

Children and adults as well will enjoy playing together some 18 holes of miniature golf. The miniature golf is set in a very peaceful setting, with cascading waterfalls, beautiful flower arrangements, sparkling ponds, and unique shade trees. If you choose to play the miniature gold during the night, the atmosphere will change, and the multicolored lights will create a fantasy spirit.

  • Bumper Boats

Why not enjoy the sparkling pool and the water fountains while taking one of the bumper boats? You can splash, bump or just cruise, while also enjoying the view. If you are going to visit the park during the summer, then take the bumper boats and cool off on the hot days.

  • Baseball and Softball

Don’t stop the baseball and softball training when you have some baseball and softball batting cages right next to you. It does not matter what level you are at, as there are lots of batting cages you can enjoy.

And they are non-stop. It does not matter if you want to do individual or team practice batting. You just need to purchase some individual tokens or simply rent the batting cages you need for the exact period of time.

  • The Escape Rooms

One of the funniest activities to do is going to an Escape Room. This activity is very exciting, entertaining, and perfect to do with your family or your friends. Basically, you enter a room, which is like a live-action-puzzle game.

You need to use elements and guessers in order to solve the puzzles and games. You need to pay lots of attention, and to find enough clues to complete the game in exactly 60 minutes.

  • Arcade

If none of these activities is something you love, then you should maybe try the art arcade game selection. Here you will find over 60 videos and redemption games. Everyone can find something they can play, from Wizard of Oz, Down the Clown, or the Fishbowl Frenzy.

12) The Falconry Experience

Another great idea of activity outside Hershey Park is the Falconry Experience. Here you can watch the free-flight demonstrations, but also a simulation for the bird’s hunt. The most courageous ones can also keep on their hand one of the majestic birds in the park.

If you are already comfortable with touching and interacting with the birds, then you can take the next experience and try the Hawk Walk. This is actually a simple walk, but with a twist.

The guide will offer you an introduction to the ancient hunting craft and you will improve your knowledge about the falconry technique. Right after this introduction, you will take a walk around The Hotel Hershey, and admire the beauty of this scenery.

13) PSP Museum & Store

Most of the kids dream about becoming police officers, don’t they? Why not make their dream even more exciting by going with them to the PSP Museum & Store?

The Pennsylvania State Police Museum, on its full name, is entirely dedicated to the Police history, right in the region of Pennsylvania.

This museum is very interesting and interactive, as it displays lots of documents, artifacts, memorabilia, and memorials throughout the history of the police.

Moreover, one of the exhibits includes some artifacts from the very last “rodeo” held, which took place in 1974.

If you are looking for something more interactive, then you should look for the “PA State Highway Patrol”, a display that contains lots of documents of the State Highway Patrol.

We also recommend you to go to the “Patrol Vehicles” exhibit, as this is a unique chance to see lots of antique police vehicles. You can see even a fully restored Plymouth Fury, which dates since 1972. Amazing, right?

The journey through the PSP Museum & Store has lots of information to find out, so the visitors can learn so much about the past of the Police, the Great Anthracite Strike in 1902, and many other facts about the Pennsylvania Police.

What is interesting for you to know as well is that Pennsylvania State Police was first created as the executive department of the state government. The decision was signed into law by the Samuel W Governor.

There are lots of people who want to visit the Police Museum, because of its impressive collection of documents and artifacts. Make sure you catch a spot and see this place.

The best part? This museum is renewing its items every couple of weeks, so you will permanently find new things to see beautifully showcased at the museum.

Attractions in Hershey PA, Hershey Bears Hockey

14) Hershey Bears Game

Let’s move on to some fun things to do in Hershey, PA, and talk about some interesting games to try. We recommend you to watch a full battle on the ice at the Hershey Bears Game.

If you are interested to find more, you should go on their online page, get some tickets and wait for the upcoming home game. Once you will reach this place, you will be able to join and learn about the Defend The Den and how you can keep the score. All in all, this is a fun activity to see, so don’t hesitate to put it on your list.

15) Hershey Area Playhouse Theater

Are you passionate about theatres and art? Well, then don’t forget to go to the Hershey Area Playhouse Theater. This is a historic theater, and you will find it right on the East Caracas Avenue in Hershey.

This beautiful theater was built and opened in 1993, and its construction was obviously sponsored by the benefactor magnate, Milton S. Hershey.

During his life, Mr. Hershey started promoting this amazing building, as well as many other landmarks, such as Hersheypark Stadium, the Hershey Hotel, or the Hersheypark Arena.

Once entering the theater building, you will be firstly impressed by the sitting capacity, as it can receive somewhere around 1900 people. If you want to attend one of the performances, you can get tickets to the classical music concerts, the dance performances, or, if you are lucky enough, you can attend the touring Broadway shows.

The entertainers are world-class professionals. The interior of the theater is impressive, so make sure you take your camera with you and shoot some amazing photos. Take your time to admire the polished Italian lava rock floor marbles, the amazing painting ceiling, and the beautiful interior decorations.

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What to do in Hershey besides the park

In a nutshell…

It does not matter if you prefer outdoor activities, visiting a museum, or discovering the finest chocolate desserts. Hershey PA has so much to offer, and these 15 ideas will help you have the perfect holiday in Chocolate town USA. 

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