Travel Packing Guide

Travel Packing Guide (New Tips for Beginners)

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Free Tips on How to Pack Smart for Travel

If you don’t have time to discover all the tips and tricks to avoid baggage fees, then let’s go through the Travel Packing Guide basic methods to travel light: packing smart for Travel.

It’s true, packing light might mean sacrificing some style and comfort, but it can be very beneficial regarding your budget. Keep in mind, by simply rethinking your luggage, you can increase the chances of spending the extra money on souvenirs.

Also if you are like me, don’t forget we usually come back with more items than we left with so remember to leave some space for those items as well.

Tips on Making the Luggage Lighter

If traveling ultralight is still a challenge for you? What if we told you that the basics of this way of traveling are very easy to learn? When making your lists, we would recommend you to start with separating the items into some categories:

  • Luggage

You may have never thought about how important the step of buying the perfect suitcase is for your traveling habits.

When you go looking for the best luggage, choose from these classes: a 22-inch carry-on roller suitcase (which is considered the most lightweight one, the result being somewhere under 10 pounds.

However, some of the popular manufacturers call “ultralight” the seven-pound suitcases. For ideas on lowering baggage fees Read: ” Ways to Avoid Baggage Fees, if you aren’t Marie Kondo” 

Whichever type of suitcase you will end up picking, be sure that your luggage has enough pockets, both small and large compartments in which you can sort your things. Being organized, even for a small trip, is essential.

  • Clothes

The method of packing your clothes can be an art, as soon as you see what you can do. If you want to travel light, consider packing clothes that are made of lighter fabrics. It’s true, wool and thick fleece will keep you warm, but they will occupy a lot of space.

Instead, you can choose some lightweight fabrics, such as polyester and nylon. Of course, you can mix cotton with linen, although they are heavier. However, these textiles tend to be easier to pack, blend, or layer.

  • Shoes

One of the most challenging parts of packing light is choosing the shoes. Most of them have a bulk style, which makes them a less compact object in the suitcase. Not all the trips will allow you to carry only sandals, allbirds or Tieks.

The solution? If you need your comfortable, more heavyweight shoes, choose to wear them when you are in transit and reserve your suitcase for lighter pairs. Above all, when choosing the shoes that will come with you, be realistic and decide about the pair you really need.

  • Electronics

As soon as you choose to travel with the right electronics, you can save lots of space and weight.

Every single pound counts, so you can choose an e-book reader instead of the heavy books, a modest paperback guidebook, or some travel apps to guide you. Just don’t forget the chargers.

  • Beauty Products

The lightest decision to make when it comes to toiletries is to pack none of them. Yes, you heard it right. Most of the hotels and accommodations will offer you the basics when you arrive at the destination.

If you can’t really travel without your favorite products, consider the minis and the travel-size shampoos, body washes, and creams.

Packing everything into a carry-on has many benefits.

            1) No checked luggage for Reduce Travel Costs

            2) No waiting at the carousel for the plane to unload luggage

            3) The more than too common issue: No lost luggage

Final Tips for Minimalist Travel Packing Guide

  • Ask yourself: what is the style of your holiday?

One of the best ways to save money is to pack your things, while always keeping in mind the purpose of your trip. What kinds of activities do you plan? For instance, if you plan to go trekking, camping, skiing, then it would make sense to take all the equipment you need along with you.

Otherwise, do not fill your bags with all those warm, fluffy jackets if you don’t get to wear all of them. There are also many renting companies that can rent your tents, hiking equipment and so on.

  • Practice “Functional Packing”

What does this mean? In order to travel light, you need to take some versatile items with you. This way, you can use them on multiple occasions, to narrow down the number of items to take with you.

  • Think Practically

While you are abroad, you will meet lots of different people and cultures. As such, you won’t need many of the items you used at home. Be rational and analyze what you can delete from your packing list, because you can wear it in multiple locations.

  • Carry-on vs. Luggage?

One of the favorite items of those who travel light is the back-pack or the carry-on luggage. This will reduce travel costs tremendously. If you take your time and have some patience, you can pack everything you need in just a carry-on, that you are able to take right on the plane.

Most of the airlines, especially low-cost ones, are taking advantage of people’s weak points. If you can’t fly with just one bag save money by using  LuggLess to ship ahead, you’ll have the extra bonus of flying bag-free.

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Travel Packing Guide

Final Thoughts

Do the math and you will see why it is very important to pack light: if your checked bag is too heavy, you will incur lots of baggage fees for most of the popular airlines. On the other side, if you will choose to travel with a backpack, then you might save some good money.

We hope our tips and tricks will help you save more and enjoy your vacation even with light luggage.

More Travel Tips

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