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Searching for Cheap Flights: Most Common Questions

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Most Common Questions About Searching for Cheap Flights, answered

 When it comes to searching for Cheap Flights, it’s time for answering some of the most frequently asked questions. Some people may have some trouble choosing the top airline companies with the best flight deals.

Luckily for them, we have all the answers to the most common doubts when it comes to low-cost flight tickets. Without any time to waste let’s get straight into searching for cheap flights, questions, and answer sessions.

Q: I finally have a specific destination and a date for my flight. How can I track the best prices?

A: There are lots of search engines that will help you track the flight, the departure hours, and also the best prices. For instance, Google Flights will let you track all these specific trips and also get alerts when the price drops.

Q: What are some approximate prices for round trips around the United States?

A: Well, they can vary a lot, but here is an overview of the prices you may be interested in:

  • Australia: around $800
  • Asia: around $500
  • Caribbean: you can pay around $300
  • Europe: buying a ticket will cost you $500
  • Hawaii: $400
  • Central America: $300

Of course, these prices can be different. Make sure you follow the best cheap flight deals on your favorite Travel Apps.

Q: We want to visit lots of places on our holiday. How should we book the flights?

A: The best way to explain how to book the cheapest, smartest flights is by taking an example: let’s say that you want to leave from NYC, the place you are living in. And you want to go to Europe, maybe in Spain or in England.

The wisest thing to do is to firstly fly to Dublin, and then take another flight to Madrid, for instance. Then when it comes to returning, you can take a flight from Madrid to NYC. However, all these roundtrips might cost you a bit.

  • So what should you do to avoid spending all your money? A smart way to travel is to book an open-jaw flight. What is this? Well, the open jaw flight is ticketed as a special type of roundtrip, which arrives in one city, then you will depart to another one.

In between, if you find better prices, you can book a cheap regional flight, which is a separate ticket. So, the main benefit that open jaws have is that they will save you lots of time.

  • Another great option for long-distance flights is the long layovers. Never heard about this before? Let’s take another example, shall we?

So, if you want to visit a big European capital, you can look for flights that have generous stopovers in another city you would like to see. For instance, during your flight, you can make a stop to Amsterdam, London, or Zurich. Wouldn’t it be nice?

Of course, in case you want to spend more than a day in the layover city, you can buy two different flights, so you can visit one beloved city separately. This strategy can help you save a bunch of money, however, you need very good planning and organizing.

Q: What are the best low-cost airlines to follow for the cheapest flights?

A: Nowadays, there are lots of budget airlines to fly with so you can avoid expensive tickets. Budget airlines have exploded, so passengers now have lots of options to choose from.

However, there are some favorite companies we want to mention: Jet Blue, Southwest, Porter, Spirit, Allegiant Air, or Frontier are the most popular in the United States. Of course, not all these flying companies work in the same way, but as soon as you follow their offers, you have a good chance to save money.

Q: Is it better to clear the cookies before searching for the flights?

A: Well, this is one of the principal myths people still believe. No, it will not make any difference to delete the cookies before booking a flight.

Q: Should we book a very early flight or wait to buy unsold seats at the last minute?

A: If you don’t want to risk, we would recommend not waiting too much before booking the flight ticket. Last-minute deals are great and cost little, but they are rare and nobody assures you will catch a deal.

Many years ago, airline companies would sell the last unsold seats with very little money. However, today this is not a rule to go by anymore, as companies now plan to sell all the seats from the very start.

Q: Is it better to buy one-way tickets or two-ways tickets from the first instance?

A: It all depends on your traveling plans. If you are sure about the departure and arrival places, then you can go for the two-ways tickets.

On the other hand, if you want to fly to different airports, it is usually better to buy one-way tickets. So you can book some open-jaw flights, which means you will fly from A to B, then from C to A.

Q: How to find last-minute affordable flights?

A: Well, mostly it’s just a matter of luck. Sorry, this is the truth. So it is kind of good difficult to find cheap last-minute flights. Airlines are smarter and smarter, and it is not a rule anymore to have the best-priced tickets available for purchase right at the last minute.

Statistics showed that usually cheap last-minute flights apply to the international routes, more than for domestic flights. This is kind of logical, considering that most of the business flights are internal ones and less international routes.

So, there is no golden secret in finding last minute cheap flights. You only need to follow the best strategies we mentioned above, so you will have all the chances to find the best deals.

Q: Flying a basic economy is the best option for saving money?

A: Flying with economy basic airlines are worth it when:

  • You are not too picky with the seat you have
  • You are flying on short routes
  • You want to spend little money on the road and save more for at your destination
  • You are a flexible traveler
  • You don’t mind to travel light with minimal luggage

However, economy airlines have advantages you can choose from, but you will pay extra for them. You can choose the seat, you can add some extra luggage, and so on. However, if you do that, the price of your ticket will be comparable to the expensive ones.

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Final words

Traveling can be as cheap or as expensive as you wish to make it.  It will only take a little searching for cheap flights on your part, to find the best and most convenient way of traveling.

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