Scenic Lancaster County

Fall in Love with Scenic Lancaster County

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Beautiful Views: Scenic Lancaster County

For those who are passionate about nature and boundless opportunities, will be in aww with these scenic Lancaster County Spots. From hiking and biking to walking trails, it’s worth spending some time in the beautiful nature just next to the Susquehanna River.

Lancaster County is located only a very short drive from Philadelphia, D.C., and Baltimore, and it is surely a peaceful, fresh-air getaway from the crowded city. One of the most popular places in the center of Pennsylvania Dutch Country is the Lancaster Castle, but there are also some amazing surroundings that are worth your attention.

As such, this article is a resume of some of the most beautiful places and scenic views of Lancaster County. Pick your favorite ones and go for a memorable trip as soon as possible.

Scenic Lancaster County

House Rock Nature Preserve

The first beautiful option we want to mention is the House Rock Nature Preserve, which is situated on 95 acres of cropland and woodland. You will find this breathtaking area all along the slopes of the Susquehanna River.

There is nothing more pleasant and refreshing than having a walk through the woodland, which is actually a mixture of mature dry oak, tulip, beech trees, and maple. Moreover, the woodland is crossed by two rivers, the Brubaker Run and the Reed Run, which is larger and preserves many small waterfalls.

Dip your toes in the cold water and enjoy the beautiful green scenery.

The trail and all the roads through the House Rock Nature Preserve were dedicated to the late Ralph H. Goodno, who was the former CEO of the Conservancy. He was a true personality, who contributed a lot to this scenic view of Lancaster County.

We would recommend anyone who wants to come here to park their cars at the intersection of River Hill Rd & Pequea Blvd, then cross the bridge, and then go all the way along with the orange blazes for the Conestoga Trail.

Accessing House Rock: Although it is just a walk in nature, the authorities recommend you to visit the Conservancy website and read everything about hunting, hiking, and also the parking information and other restrictions for the visitors.

Scenic Lancaster County

Star Rock

Star Rock is actually a rock formation, right above the Susquehanna River. You can go here for a walk, hiking, even with your bikes and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Star Rock is one of the most populated and touristic attractions, located within the Township of Chanceford. If you want to go by foot, you should know the elevation of Star Rock is 256 feet.

Scenic Lancaster County

Pinnacle Overlook Nature Preserve

If you are going with your family, you cannot miss the Pinnacle Scenic Overlook Nature Preserve, which will offer a breathtaking view scenic overlook, as well as more than 2.76 miles of hiking trails.

However, make sure you check them first because they are both moderate and difficult, and provide in-and-back short, or one-day long loop hiking trails. So if you want to have the best high overlooking the Susquehanna River, the Pinnacle Scenic Overlook is worth visiting.

Scenic Lancaster County

White Cliffs of Conoy

Don’t miss an unforgettable sunset right behind the Susquehanna River. The White Cliffs of Conoy are sitting on public land, however, you cannot go there by bike, or any motorized vehicles, as the cliffs are protected by law.

Due to their height and because they are very steep cliffs, pets and children are allowed only supervised by adults. As such, you should all remain behind the safety fence. The Cliffs might not be our first choice in this top 10, but they are unique forms of relief and provide an amazing overlook point for the river down below.

Welsh Mountain Nature Preserve

Welsh Mountain Nature Preserve

One of the very few natural areas of Lancaster County, the Welsh Mountain Nature Preserve has outstanding rock outcroppings, as well as a diverse ecosystem. Kids can admire lots of plants, as well as unique animal life in this region.

There are lots of public trails all along the rugged ridgeline, so you can enjoy a great overlook over the Amish farms and all the valleys below.

Scenic Lancaster County

Chickies Rock Overlook

Right between the boroughs of Marietta and Columbia, this is the county’s second-largest regional park you can visit. This area has over 422 acres, and it is a mesmerizing massive outcropping, made of quartzite rock towering with a height of 100 feet, all above the river.

Chickies Rock County Park is also the best place to admire a great collection of historical treasures, such as rolling mills and seven iron furnaces.

There are numerous natural and geological features you can see, as well as a rich industrial heritage, making the Chickies Rock County Park a great place to visit. From Chiques Creek to Donegal Creek, don’t miss any selected point of this great natural park. You can take the special trail, all through the area of Kerbaugh Lake.

Scenic Lancaster County

Ferncliff Wild Flower and Wildlife Preserve

Right near Drumore, Pennsylvania, there is the Ferncliff Wildflower & Wildlife Preserve, which is a 1.7-mile loop trail. This trail is perfect for walking, nature trips, but also for those who love birds and want to admire them in their own medium of life.

The Ferncliff Wildflower and Wildlife Preserve are just one of the 600 National Natural Landmark sites in the county.

Scenic Lancaster County

Breezyview Overlook

Enjoy the unique panoramic view of Chickies Rock and Susquehanna River from Breezyview, a unique location with an outstanding view over Chickies Rock and the Susquehanna River. This place is also perfect for organizing weddings and other special events. In case you want to rent this area, go on their website and contact the admins.

Scenic Lancaster County

Tucquan Glen Nature Preserve

It is impossible to miss one of the most popular preservers in Lancaster County, all along the covered bridges and Amish farms. Placed in the southwestern region of the county, the Tucquan Glen’s trails are great to visit, even for families with children.

The trials are perfectly maintained, easy to follow on the map, and clearly marked.

Scenic Lancaster County

Holtwood Dam Overlook

One of the greatest overlooks of the Susquehanna River is from the Holtwood Dam. If you are looking for amazing social media content, take some great photos from this spot. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional hiker, you will find easily accessible trails, pretty easy to climb.

The drive up here is a great experience to have too, especially if you decide to take route 74. You will have all around you forest and countryside views, as well as an overlook spot from where you can rest and admire the view.

Last Thoughts

Every place in this world is unique and has its own special beauty. Lancaster County is something that will not disappoint and will stay in your heart forever.

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Scenic Lancaster County

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