Lancaster Wineries

Trendy Wineries of Lancaster County

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Trendy Wineries of Lancaster County

How better enjoying the wealth of Lancaster County than enjoying its fruity riches?

Welcome to your personal winery trail. Here you will virtually explore some of the most
famous wineries in Lancaster County, and find the precious information about each of them.
You can start learning about wine, and, who knows, maybe you will find your next favorite
destination. This handy guide features the most popular wine-themed adventures.
While coming to these wineries, you can taste the delicious wines, as well as learning about the history of the grapes they are made of.
Ready to start exploring?

Your List of Trending Wineries in Lancaster County

Lancaster Wineries

Weathered Vineyards Ephrata Wine Tasting Room & Bar

This is a local PA winery, a great experience from the heart of Weathered Vineyards. As they
claim, this is the very first wine bar and tasting room in the Ephrata.
Now, even the pickiest ones can find their favorite wine from the 11 varieties. From dry to
sweet, enjoy the unique taste of wine while visiting this location.
Speaking of location, the Weathered Vineyards Ephrata are located in Smithton Inn B&B.
The atmosphere you will encounter here is quite rustic but has nice elegant elements.
This ambiance is very important, we must say, as tasting the wine is a pleasant experience,
and the medium you are doing this in is crucial. The tasting room is very elegant, so you can
have a glass, maybe a whole bottle with your friends here.
If you are coming with your family and don’t have a wine drinker among you, there is no
problem, as the winery offers specialty cocktails as well. You will find craft sodas too, and
craft beers.
You won’t miss even your favorite sports game, as the winery will welcome you with a
flat-screen TV. You can gather with your friends, sip some tasty wine and also enjoy
watching a game. Sounds like a plan?
The tasting room is open full year, so it does not matter if you will go on a torrid summer
day, or during the cold winter. The location has a fireplace in the winter, so you can get cozy
with a nice glass of wine in your hand.

Nissley Vineyards and Winery Estate

This enjoyable location is situated also in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and it is
surrounded by garden-fresh fruits. The Nissley Vineyards are famous in terms of wine
tasting and producing, and their culinary tradition is appreciated by the locals and visitors.
A very interesting fact is that the winery produces a wide range of wines and its tradition
dates for almost forty years. The building itself is a treasure, as it is an 18th-century building,
all surrounded by many acres of vines, as well as old trees.
This winery is also open year-round, just make sure you make a reservation for the tour and
also for tasting the award-winning wines.

The Vineyard at Grandview

The tradition of good wines runs in family, so the Vineyard at Grandview is a family-owned
business. This vineyard is right in the northwest of Lancaster County. The actual owners of
this place are the Kennel family.
They have been working for decades in order to produce some premium vinifera grapes. So
don’t be surprised to find some Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, and many more
other grapes varieties. Since 2009, this winery offers top wines.
You have a tasting room in here, and the atmosphere is more than welcoming. The hosts are
more than friendly, and they help the visitors a lot in choosing the wines they want to taste.
The sky’s the limit, so make sure you try the finest wines, is such an idyllic place as the
Vineyard. Moreover, you can bring some picnic food with you, and enjoy the spectacular
view with your friends.
Whether you will choose a fresh white wine, or maybe the full-bodied reds, you have such a
large palate to make sure you find the wine you love.

The Vineyard & Brewery at Hershey

There are so many things to say about this spectacular artisan winery. What you need to
know is that this is a very old Farmhouse, quite a little piece of heaven for wine lovers.
In a natural atmosphere, you can finally taste the refreshing whites, or some perfumed, bold
reds and enjoy the captivating scenery. The Vineyard at Hershey promises every visitor to
find a bottle of wine they love, and in which they can find enjoyment.
The palates of wines are diverse, for every single taste.
The winery also has a tasting room, right in the Farmhouse, where all the guests are invited
to taste five wines. The price is only $3.00, but make sure you check again before reaching
this place.

Moreover, you don’t even need a reservation. For those who are very passionate about the
art of wine, they can take the VIP Tour & Tasting packages. There is also the One-on-One
pack, with the wineries Winemakers.
For this tour, you will have to do a reservation. If you have all the time in the world, you can
plan to enjoy the favorite glass of wine around the Vineyard. There are so many spots where
you can have a seat, enjoy the view, and the tasty glass of wine.
Don’t even worry about driving back home, as the Farmhouse has some rooms to rent,
available for the VIP tastings, or for the private events.
There is nothing more suited next to a glass of wine than some delicious cheese. Along with
the handcrafted wines, you can also enjoy locally made cheeses.
These come from September Farms, and they are made by following some time-proven
traditions and recipes. Some of them are handcrafting, small aging of artisan cheese, and
also hand waxing.

Waltz Vineyards & Winery

Have you ever dreamed about going to a “world-class” vineyard? Once reaching the Waltz
Vineyards & Winery, you can taste the classic Bordeaux wines grapes. Make sure you take at
least one sip of the Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon or the Chardonnay.
The wine tasting will be accompanied by the spectacular view of Lancaster County
The winery has some specialties for its visitors, such as the experience of estate-grown
premium wines. The place has a state-of-art boutique winery atmosphere, so you will feel
like you would in Tuscan.
The history of these wines dates back to 1997, since then its owners have worked hard to
establish their reputation and finally be recognized as famous grape growers in this rich
Now, if you are looking to have a premium experience, this winery offers word-class crafting
wines, and they are famous in the Lancaster Valley. It’s impossible not to find a wine you
love here, so don’t miss this opportunity.

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Lancaster Wineries

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