Indoor activities Lancaster, PA

Crummy Weather? Here’s 15 Indoor Activities in Lancaster, PA

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Cold or Rainy Day? Top Indoor Activities Lancaster, PA

List of Indoor Activities around Lancaster County

You have planned your visit to Lancaster for such a long time, and now it’s raining cats and dogs and you don’t know what to do? Or maybe it is too cold, or too hot? Don’t worry, there are so many indoor activities you can do here, that you will have lots of fun even if the weather is not cooperating.

The city of Lancaster, PA, is fascinating, and in constantly changing, but still keeping the old values and the Amish influence. As such, you will find both old and fresh activities to do. From theatres to factory tours and museums, we have a list of top activities to do on a rainy day in Lancaster, PA. Take your time, analyze them, and see which one works best for you.

Indoor activities Lancaster PA, Herrs Factory

Indoor Activities Lancaster, PA: Factory Tours

September Farm Cheese

There is nothing new that Lancaster, PA is well-known for its tasty, delicious cheese. The recipes are unique and preserved from generation to generation. If you want to see how good cheese is made, you should visit September Farm Cheese.

Here you can watch the cheese-making process and also taste one of the 40+ kinds of cheese samples. Moreover, you can assist with the process of cutting and waxing the cheese packages. You can also shop the cheese samples from the country market to take them home.

Herr Foods

Have you ever seen how tortilla chips, popcorn, or pretzels are made? If not, it will be a great experience. Once you visit the Herr Foods factory, you will get the chance to take a tour of this amazing factory.

The tours will take approximately one hour, enough time to watch the whole process. You should make a reservation first, and also indicate the time of day you wish to go.

Authentic Family Farm

One of the most authentic experiences you can have in Lancaster is visiting one of the Authentic Family Farms here. You can have all the family-operated farm experience, and the specific activities here, such as:

  • Milking a cow;
  • Feeding a calf;
  • Listen to the cluck-cluck of hens;
  • Interact, feed and watch other farm animals;
  • Have one of the guided walking tours;
  • Explore the rich agricultural heritage.

If you make reservations first, you can also stay there, enjoy a home-made breakfast or take a buggy and visit the surroundings.

Turkey Hill Experience

If you are going to Lancaster, PA with your kids, then you should have the Turkey Hill Experience. Here there are lots of interactive activities especially created for families and kids.

As such, you can learn how ice cream is made, and also create your own recipe. Moreover, maybe you will get the chance to start your own commercial. How fun is that? You can also try to milk a mechanical cow, or sample lots of ice cream flavors.

Indoor activities Lancaster, PA Wheatland

Indoor Activities Lancaster, PA: Museums

If you want to do some cultural activities during the rainy days in Lancaster, then you should go to the most attractive museums in the city. Here are our options:

National Watch & Clock Museum

Improve your knowledge about the history of timekeeping while visiting this museum full of unique exhibits. You can take a tour from the early non-mechanical devices until nowadays modern clocks.

You can see over 12,000 models in this museum’s collection. It’s important to know that this museum is a true horological collection, maybe the most impressive one in entire North America.

Lancaster City Museum

Right in the center of Lancaster City, this museum is a true journey through this region’s history. As such, you will have a journey right from the Roman period, until today’s present. The museum is exhibiting the pedigree of Lancaster’s regiment too.

If you are going with your kids, don’t worry, this is a family-friendly museum, and the admission is free. Moreover, during the whole year, there are lots of exhibitions, events, and activities to do.

It’s important to know that the museum is closed on Mondays, but it opens from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am until 5 pm.

Peter Scott Gallery

The Peter Scott Gallery is right on the Lancaster University campus, and it hosts regular exhibitions and temporary talks. The most interesting part of this place is John Chambers Room, which is a true collection of Royal Lancastrian ceramics.

This exhibition has a permanent display, and the entrance is all free. People of all ages are welcome to visit this collection.

Heritage Press Museum

Also known as the Heritage Press Museum Lancaster County Print Shop, this exhibition is perfect for families and school groups. It exhibits even 1920s letterpress printing and other written demonstrations.

But the best part of this museum is the practical part. As such, you can experience the job of a printer first hand. This was used in the 19th-century press. If you are with your kids, then this small field trip will be ideal for quality time.

The perfect time for visiting this Press Museum is every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The schedule is from 12 noon to 4 pm. This timing changes every 1st and 3rd Friday when the museum is open until 9 pm.

Sundays are open from 12 noon until 3 pm. If you are a large group, it would be perfect if you would call first, maybe you can have a specific guide too.

Indoor activities Lancaster, PA, Sight and Sound Theater

Indoor Activities Lancaster, PA: Theaters

If none of the options above are suited to you, maybe you would like to go to once of Lancaster’s theatres.

Comedy Mystery Dinner Theatre by Third Space Theatre

If you are looking for a unique experience, something different to do, then you should try the Comedy Mystery Dinner Theatre. This is a two-in-one experience, so you come here for a tasty dinner, while also laughing at some theatre performances.

You can either grab an audience participation script if you have the courage to or just sit back and enjoy the show. Make sure you make a reservation first.

Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre

The Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre looks a lot like the previous one. The only difference is that the place is presenting lots of live musicals. You get to see some professional performers from all across the country. As for the dining menu, you can choose from all American cuisine buffets, right from Sunday to Wednesday, during the evenings.

Sight & Sound Theatres

If you want to try an unconventional theatre, then you should go to Sight & Sound. This place totally breaks the traditional theater experience, so in addition to the classic actors, it uses special effects and animals in their shows.

We recommend this place for all those who are willing to experiment with an original theater show.

Lancaster PA whoopie pies

Indoor Activities Lancaster, PA: Shopping

What better thing to do on a rainy day than going shopping? Lancaster County is well known for its amazing outlet stores, as well as the tasty Amish goods you can take at home. As such, this place is the shopper’s paradise.

But instead of thinking only about clothes, if you dig deeper, you will find so many more goodies to have. Here are some stores that deserve your attention:

Good's Store

The Good’s store is a place where every member of the family will have something to buy. This is a favorite store of the locals too, but tourists for all generations are even more impressed. The prices are very budget-friendly, and the service is perfect too.

If you are looking for some carrying name-brand clothing and shoes that come with affordable prices, come here. Moreover, the store has a wide selection of craft and quilt supplies. Kids will love the different toys and gifts they will find here.

Adults can choose from the garden products, maybe the kitchen tools and many more items at low prices. Some might want to leave home with a traditional item. Luckily, this store has lots of local items, produced by the Mennonite and Amish communities.

Good Food Outlet Store

Are you ready to taste the most authentic Golden Barrel products? We are craving already. So, don’t hesitate to buy some of Lancaster County’s original Golden Barrel products. You can buy them for your kitchens but also shop them online year-round.

Antiques Capital

There are lots of people who are looking for vintage items once they go on holiday. So the Antiques Capital will be a true heaven for them. If you are a fan of the vintage items, take a look in here, as you will find lots of collectors and dealers.

Now, this place is so popular, that it became the premier year-round antique destination in the Northeast of the country. Who knows? Maybe you will find real treasures in here, so don’t forget to cross the threshold of the store.

Hammond Pretzel Bakery, Inc.

The Hammond family has been cooking hand-rolled sourdough pretzels since 1931. The tradition is still kept in Lancaster Pennsylvania. The owners of this business promise to use the highest quality ingredients, for a recipe that has been kept in the family for hundreds of years.

As such, you will have the best hard pretzels for you. Trust us, they are the best in the world. We are craving for them already.

Last Thoughts...

Don’t worry if the weather seems like it’s stopping you. Lancaster, PA has so many great things to do, even if the outside is too hot or too cold. We hope we have helped you so you can have the best time while visiting this impressive destination.

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Indoor activities Lancaster, PA

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