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Hershey Restaurants on the Foodies Favorite List

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Hershey PA Restaurants: Local Favorites

Most Loved Hershey PA Family Restaurants

Visiting places means sightseeing, interacting with the locals, enjoying the scenic monuments, and last but not least, having contact with Hershey PA Restaurants that are part of the go-to local foodie favorite list. If you are planning a visit to Hershey, PA, don’t forget to have a bite from the tastiest meals here.

Of course while you’re here in Hershey you’re going to have to eat so to help narrow down your choices I’m going to give you the list of my own personal favorites, to offer you a journey through the best places to explore in terms of food and culinary view over Hershey. From a nice seafood plate to a gregarious brewery right in the neighborhood, you are staying in, you have so many food choices, even for the pickiest eater, when in Hershey PA.

The locations we are going to explore together have so much to offer and they are popular with the locals. Plus, whether it’s a drink, dessert or entree you’re sure to find a dish unique to Hershey in most every place you visit. Therefore, let’s prepare the visitors for an unforgettable getaway.

Hershey PA Restaurants Italian dishes

Piazza Sorrento

Right on Briarcrest Square, number 16, there is this amazing place, named Piazza Sorrento. If you are in love with the Italian dishes and still want to explore these spices in Hershey, go to Piazza Sorrento. This restaurant is popular for the variation of pizzas, which are hand-tossed. Bring the taste of Italy on your plate, while ordering from the other specialty dishes.

We recommend you to make some room in your stomach first and try Anna Maria’s lasagna, which is filled with lots of layers of meat and ricotta. You cannot love the Bolognese meat sauce as a top for the lasagna.

Another great dish to order from Piazza Sorrento is the grilled gnocchi. If you never tried this Italian signature food, please do. Gnocchi is made of potatoes and seasoned with a delicious sauce.

If none of these is what you are craving for, then maybe you will go for the sweet sausage, the bite-size knobs, the slow-roasted tomatoes, or the peas. Before going to Piazza Sorrento, make sure you make some reservations first, as the dining room is usually full of people.

Chocolate Ave Grill

Looking for typical American gourmet food? Then you cannot miss the Chocolate Ave Grill. This place is perfect for those summer afternoons when you are in the mood for some tasty food.

You cannot miss this place, especially if you are going by summer. You will immediately notice the pumpkin-colored umbrellas, which are staying right in the middle of each table. For the Hershey PA locals, this place is considered the perfect meet and greet spot.

As such, you will see lots of neighbors who are waving hands to their familiar faces. Now, talking about the menu of this place, everyone should consider some signature dishes. One of our favorites is Jess’s favorite salad, which is basically one of the best in the world, trust us.

Imagine you are tasting, together, some crunchy toasted nuts, next to the crusted chicken pieces in the most colorful salad on Earth.

If you are in the mood for trying an American dish, then don’t miss the grilled cheese sandwich, which combines the blue cheese, with some delicious crisp applewood smoked bacon and grilled tomatoes. My favorite motto “Everything is better with bacon”.

Don’t miss the dessert, as the Chocolate Avenue Grill has so many delicious options to choose from.


You don’t need too much to have a casual dining experience. This is what Houlihan’s is about. Consider this place as the typical American restaurant and bar, where you can have good quality food and drinks.

Houlihan’s is the kind of place that knew how to develop the perfect menu to suit everyone’s choices and lifestyles. As such, diversity is rich, so with this menu it is impossible not to find the best dish for you.

Iron Hill Brewery Hershey Pennsylvania

Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant

The second-largest brewery in Hershey PA is Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant and its location is right downtown, Hershey. Maybe the breweries and the food here are not as good and rich as at Troegs, but, this is still a good place to visit for a nice meal and a cold and fresh drink.

One of the best parts of the Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant is that they have the concept of Happy Hour, from 4 to 6 pm, from Monday till Friday. If you have the chance to go during the Happy Hour, you will get great discounts for appetizers and beers too.

When ordering a cold beer, please have some soft pretzel sticks, nachos, or the fried Brussel sprouts. They go so well together. Needless to say, you can order lots of other foods from their full menu. Look for a dish that winks at you.


When going to Smoked, it’s impossible not to find a dish that suits you. The menu from Smoked has lots of types of meals, from seafood to steaks, salads, and many more. Smoked is located at 1201 W Chocolate Ave.

If you are a fan of BBQ and grills, then this is the best place for you. You can have tacos, burgers, or BBQ sandwiches. Smoked is that kind of local where you have plenty of options of BBQ sandwiches, from the very traditional and classic ones to some unique ones, such as the Pickled brisket.

Moreover, the Smoked Restaurant has one of the best beers in Hershey, as such, if you want to hang out with your friends or family, you should reserve your spot to Smoked.

Devons Seafood & Steak

Devons Seafood & Steak is the perfect place to go if you are looking for exceptional seafood dishes in Hershey. Go on 27 West Chocolate Avenue, Hershey, but first, make sure to make a reservation.

Next to the seafood plates, don’t forget to order a nice glass of wine, maybe a beer. Ladies can have some handcrafted cocktails if they want, some martinis or other cocktails. You can share the nice appetizers while sitting at the high-top tables in the bar area.

Luckily, the Devons Seafood & Steak local has some Happy Hours, from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., when there will be some discounts. This place is great to visit with your family, as the atmosphere is perfect for catching up with the beloved ones.

From our favorite dishes, we have to mention the crispy calamari, the lobster rolls, or the tempura shrimp sushi roll.

Hershey PA Restaurants, Cafe on Cocoa Hershey PA

Café on Cocoa

Do you want a tasty coffee? Or maybe a fruit fresh? Then Café on Cocoa is the perfect place to be. The menu features lots of fresh-baked goodies, and, of course, lots of samples of coffees. The place is gluten-free, perfect for those who have an intolerance.

If you want to explore the beautiful taste of coffee, you should come together and share some nice cups of the black beverage. Of course, this cafeteria has lots of seasonal beverages as well, and lots of craft beers for the passionate ones. If you are hungry, you can try the delicious sandwiches next to a coffee latte.

Troegs Brewery

If you will ask the locals where they prefer to eat most often, then they will surely talk about the Troegs brewery. This place is emblematic for Hershey PA, as it is one of the largest, yet diverse breweries in PA.

However, don’t think you will find only beers and lots of beverages, as there is also some phenomenal food to try as well.

Moreover, Troegs has this interesting concept of Snack Bar, where you go up and then place your order. But keep in mind that you will need to come back and get your prepared food from the same place.

Don’t think about this Snack Bar as a regular one. Maybe this is the only Snack place where you can order duck confit, oysters, rack of lamb, or charcuterie.

If you are not fancy food people, don’t worry, as you can order some simple dishes too, such as the pretzel, braised brisket, or some delicious crunchy fries.

Troegs is worth going especially if you have kids, as this local is one of the most children-friendly places to eat in the Hershey area.

The Mill in Hershey

Don’t forget to go to The Mill in Hershey, where you can have some American Gourmet food.  All the meals are nicely prepared by Executive Chef Joe Mishler, using only local ingredients. While visiting the Mill, you have the chance to stay at one of the three bars and enjoy the craft beers, one of the hand-crafted cocktails, or reserve a unique private dining room.

The atmosphere here is also unique, as it preserves the beauty of this old building. The rooms feel very cozy, and they have nicely wrapped rustic elements and hardwoods designs. 

The menu is rich enough and has some items that are borrowed from the dish harkens to the culinary area. If we are supposed to recommend something, we would not miss the black pearl, the nicely cooked salmon, seasoned with citrus butter and lentil-quinoa pilaf.

Of course, we should not miss the house-smoked brisket and, last but not least, the mac n cheese.

There are so many options, make sure you go and check them.

Hershey PA Restaurants

The Bears Den

If you love practicing sports, then you will also enjoy a bar dedicated to families, sports fans, as well as many other guests from children to adults. If you want to hear more, well, you should know that Bear’s Den offers a great hockey-rink atmosphere, all dedicated to the favorite hometown team, which is the Hershey Bears.

Now, for those who don’t have so much experience with the classic American fare, they should know about the Bears Den that has some enormous 39 HD TV’s, perfect for those who want to watch their sports favorite games. You cannot do reservations, though, and the dress-code is casual-sport.

Bears Den is that kind of restaurant perfect for casual dinings, especially if you have children. You have plenty of sandwiches and burgers to choose from while watching a sports game.

The walls are basically covered with lots of flat-screens televisions, all with sports channels. Luckily, if you are not interested in watching a sports game, don’t worry, the sound volume is low enough to not disturb you.

The Pantry Café

We are right at the end of our list, and we couldn’t forget to mention The Pantry Cafe. Located right inside The Hershey Story, this place is perfect for having a rich breakfast. The selection of breakfast meals is diverse, so you have lots of types of sandwiches, salads, desserts, as well as lots of seasonal dishes.

Of course, you can have a cup of coffee, a beverage from the smoothie bar, and sit with your family and friends in a nice atmosphere.

Keep in Mind…

In terms of restaurants and cafeterias, there are so many beautiful options in Hershey. Hope this list will help you make a decision and choose the one that suits your expectations.

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Hershey PA Restaurants

Leave a comment below, Let us know if you have a favorite Restaurant in Hershey PA. I’m always up to trying out new restaurants 💜

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