Best Time to Visit Hershey Park

Best time to visit Hershey Park for Double the Fun

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When is the Best Time to Visit Hershey Park?

We bet that the very first thing people will do before a vacation is to check the weather in that area. Moreover, seach for the most helpful guides to tell them about the best time of year for a trip, as well as the attractions. Here are tips to help plan your Best time for a Hershey PA Vacation, and a view of happenings around Hershey Park during each season.

Today I will take you through the main touristic points to see, as well as the most pleasant months to have some long walks in the sweetest place on earth. Stay with us until the end of the article, to see when is the best time to visit Hershey Park and the surroundings.

Let's Talk 4-Seasons of Hershey

Just to have an overview of the temperatures in Hershey, here is a short summary of the weather here. Now, you should know that the average temperatures in Hershey PA are changing and vary drastically. Quite normal when visiting anywhere with all 4 seasons.

One of the main factors of this fluctuation is the humidity, which makes the temperatures feel colder during half of the year, but pleasant in the other part of it. The Hershey area can have a high fluctuation of temperature changes when we are to compare it with most of the tourist destinations worldwide.

It all depends on each tourist’s preferences. If you enjoy the summer days more than the fall ones, you should visit Hershey during July, August, as well as June. If not, you should keep scrolling down to pick your favorite Hershey season. Find out what happens when the temperatures are lower, and see what’s going on every season to determine your best time to visit Hershey Park.

Spring Season (March-May)

The very first season to consider visiting Hershey, is, of course, the spring season. During this time, the humidity and the spring temperatures will make this season feel moderately cold. The temperatures vary, from 43.5°F (6.4°C) to 81.2°F (27.3°C).

Of course, warmer temperatures will appear in the later months of Spring. If you are visiting Hershey during this period of time, expect to have some precipitation, normally  6 to 8 days monthly. Like most places Hershey plenty of sunshine about 200 days every year.

In a nutshell, you should know that spring is the second busiest period in the year, so you will find lots of attractions that are open and also lots of other things to do.

Spring Time in the Park

One of the best things to do during the spring season is visiting Hershey Park. Start creating lots of new memories with your friends, kids, or partners, and enjoy the beauty of this sweet park.

There are so many activities to do while you will be here, from coasters to lots of games, entertainment, rides and of course enjoy some rich chocolate. There is no wonder why Hershey is called the sweetest place on Earth. That saying is well deserved, that’s for sure.

Best Time to Visit Hershey Park

Hershey Park Boardwalk

Summer Season (June-August)

Moving forward, let’s talk about the middle-year months, one of the very favorite for people to visit Hershey. During the summer, from June through August, the weather is really comfortable, although the temperatures can be really high.

The precipitations are lower than during spring. However, keep in mind that from June to August, you will find the busiest months for tourism, as such, the accommodations and prices might be costly. The temperatures will range between 80 to 85 degrees.

Hershey Park Rides & Boardwalk in Full Operation

In the mood for making a splash and cooling yourself off? Then you should definitely go to the 11-acre park inside Hershey Park. Don’t worry about the costs, as the Boardwalk is included in the admission ticket.

Some of the best rides to do are:

  • Bayside Pier;
  • Breakers Edge Water Coaster;
  • Coastline Plunge;
  • East Coast Waterworks;
  • Shoreline Sprayground;
  • Intercoastal Waterway;
  • Waverider;
  • Whitecap Racer.


If you are going with your kids or you are just an animal lover, you have to go to Zoo America. Here you can be on the lookout for the friendly otters, take a glimpse of the gray wolves, or visit some majestic bald eagles.

Visiting Zoo America is by far a true adventure to go on when in Hershey PA. Just to make sure you are going at the right time, check the information on the website. There you will find all the data about parking, directions, and accessibility before visiting the Zoo at Hershey Park.

Tip: Zoo America can be accessed from inside Hershey Park and is included in the park admission price. You also have a choice to enter Zoo America separately for a fee.

Hershey Stadium Concerts and Events in Full Swing

Are you in the mood for some entertainment? If you are in Hershey, and the time is just right, you should go to Hershey Stadium, and attend one of the outdoor shows there. You may be able to catch a live concert or other family entertainment.

If you plan ahead, the local Hershey area does offer you some touring broadway shows or sports events. Don’t want to miss the most important sports event and the official venues? Then make sure you check them out. Start planning the most exciting visit during summer.

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Best Time to Visit Hershey Park

Hershey Park in the Dark

Fall Season (September-November)

The fall season lasts from September through November. The temperatures vary from 48.1°F (8.9°C) to 82.9°F (28.3°C). Sometimes, due to the high humidity and the low temperatures, the weather can sometimes feel chilly or windy.

Keep in mind that during these months, you might encounter a bit of rain or even see some snow in November, somewhere around 5 and 6 days per month. The good part of this is that tourism will be lighter during fall, and as a result, you’ll find the hotels and prices to be more affordable.

HersheyPark in the Dark Halloween

One of the main attractions during the fall in Hershey is the Dark Halloween, which takes place in Hershey Park. This holiday is featuring more than 55 rides and Halloween-themed attractions, including access to 4-dark nights haunted house attractions.

Starting at $49.95, you can take whatever ride you want and have lots of fun. Children that are 12 and younger, are encouraged to wear a costume during this holiday, plus as an added holiday bonus, they get lots of treats and candies at each stop.

As such, don’t miss the Halloween village if you are coming during the fall season.

Best Time to Visit Hershey Park, Hershey Sweet Lights

Hershey Park Lights drive-thru

Holiday Season (December–February)

The last but not least season to come to Hershey is the winter holiday season. This lasts from December to February. As you might expect, the weather is the chilliest one of the year in Hershey.

As such, if you are a warm-weather tourist, you might not like visiting Hershey in the winter.

The average temperature during this season is between 36.2°F (2.3°C) and 44.1°F (6.7°C). When it comes to precipitations, on average, it rains or snows around 5 to 10 times per month. No wonder why this season of the year is fairly slow for tourists.

Hershey Park Christmas Candy Lane

The most festive seasonal event in Hershey Park is the Hersheypark Christmas Candylane. Once going to this event, it’s impossible to forget the more than 4 million lights.

Of course, you will have lots of rides and coasters, as well as the chance to visit Santa and tell him your wishes. You cannot miss the sweet holiday celebration, so don’t forget to buy the Christmas Candylane ticket. Here is what you can do here:

  • Holiday Rides & Coasters

What better way to have lots of fun than enjoying some special rides? Hershey Park has lots of holiday coasters, including Sidewinder, Laff Trakk, Wild Mouse, Cocoa Cruiser, and Wildcat.

  • Festive Lights & Entertainment

If you want to admire more than 4 million lights deck the halls of Hersheypark, then don’t miss the Festive Lights. Enjoy the festive live entertainment, as well as the many other shows.

  • Santa & His Reindeers

Do you kids know that Santa and all his 9 reindeers will come to Hersheypark Christmas? Well, each year, during Candyland, you can visit Santa and stop by to tell him about the presents you want to receive. You can also find the favorite reindeer of all times, Rudolph.

Hershey Sweet lights Drive-Thru

One way to keep warm while enjoying one of the best seasonal events is to do the annual Sweet Lights Drive-Thru. Take your time to admire the 600 animated displays, right from the comfort of your car. From Santa’s smiling reindeer to other animated displays all while winding your way through all the wooded trails.

To make the atmosphere even more authentic, listen to some carols, and snap some of the best holiday photos. The spectacular holiday lights will make you enjoy even more of the Christmas spirit.

Tip: To make the atmosphere even more authentic, listen to some carols, and snap the best photos. The spectacular holiday lights will make you enjoy even more of the Christmas spirit.

Best Time to Visit Hershey Park

New Year Hershey Kiss Raise

Town Square Event: New Years Eve Hershey Kiss Raise

One of the best events to make great memories during your stay in Hershey Park is the Town Square Event. This New Year’s Eve celebration is perfectly planned by the community volunteers, so everyone will contribute to the making of a perfect holiday.

The celebration takes place right in the middle of Hershey’s downtown. You don’t need to pay a fee, as the event is free to the public. The best part? They raise a giant Hershey Kiss, an actual gigantic replica of an original Hershey Kiss, with fireworks!

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Best Time to Visit Hershey Park

Last Thoughts

Now that we are at the end of this article, it’s time, to sum up, which are the busiest months of the year, as well as the least crowded seasons to visit Hershey Park.

Keep in mind that the most crowded months for visiting Hershey PA are the summer ones, such as June, July, and August. As expected, the prices in these periods of time for flights and accommodations are higher.

On the other side, the least crowded month with the fewest tourists visiting Hershey is in October. As such, those who are wanting to visit Hershey and find low prices should consider going in October.

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